"I thought I heard some loud noises inside, and I came in to check it out... This place... Is this some sort of underground shelter?"
— Grateful Man

The Grateful Man is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is an unnamed character who eventually comes to reside in the Oceanside Spider House near the Great Bay Coast.


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After Link collects all the Gold Skulltula Spirits of the Oceanside Spider House, thirty in all, whatever curse was placed on the area is lifted. Link returns to the entrance to find a man who had been seeking shelter from the impending destruction of Termina. As thanks for ensuring the house is safe to live in, the Resident gives Link a reward, which differs depending on which day all Spirits were retrieved. If completed on the First Day, he gives Link a Giant Wallet (only an Adult Wallet if he does not have one, or a Silver Rupee if he has received the Giant Wallet during a previous time loop). Upon completion on either the Second or Final Day, Link receives a Purple Rupee instead.

The Oceanside Spider House Resident is likely the same person as the apprentice carpenter seen standing atop the partially constructed Festival Tower staring at the moon during the First Day; the two look identical, and should Link complete the Oceanside Spider House on the First Day, causing the resident to arrive, the man will no longer be found on the tower, where he would otherwise have remained until the end of the First Day.

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