Unofficial Name

"Oh, back for more target practice? You must be hooked!"
— Goron Target Range Operator

The Goron Target Range Operator is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is, as his name implies, the operator of the Goron Target Range. This Goron child operates his mini-game business in the Fire Realm, not too far from the Goron Village. Since the volcano began erupting, customers have stopped going to the range. The operator took this misfortune as a chance to redecorate the range. After peace has been restored to the Fire Realm and the volcano has stopped erupting, the range will be back in business. The Goron offers participants two chests to choose from after completing the course and racking up points. Once Link achieves 1,000 points, the operator will extend the course, making it longer and more challenging.

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