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"Welcome! This is the Goron Target Range! As you can see, it is a special place. It is special because we built it all by hand!"
Goron Target Range Operator
Goron Target Range Sprite

The Goron Target Range is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Found in the Fire Realm, the Goron Target Range is home to a mini-game where Link must ride around on a rollercoaster-esque track with the Spirit Train and shoot various targets with cannon fire. There are balloons and targets colored either blue, red, or decorated with a Goron face. Blue targets yield 10 points, red targets yield 30 points for up to three hits, and hitting a Goron face will deduct 30 points. Some red and blue targets rotate and have a Goron face on one side.

At the end of the mini-game, Link gets to choose between two Treasure Chests for his prize. The more points he has obtained, the more valuable the prizes will likely be. There is a large chest and a small chest. The large chest always contains Rupees and the smaller chest always contains Treasure. If Link achieves a score of 1000 points a second track will be unlocked.


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