"Made from several types of spices, this secret Goron seasoning has been handed down for generations. An initial wave of spiciness paves the way for the sweetness."
— In-game description

Goron Spice is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although it is a spice, it does not add a "Spicy" effect to food. Link can cook with it to prepare dishes such as Curry Pilaf or Rice, Spiced Meat, Herb Sauté, and Crab Stir-Fry. This ingredient can be bought at Goron Gusto Shop of the Goron City. Link can also purchase it from the traveling female merchant Yammo or the traveling Chef Stamm on rainy days.

Related side quest

During the Side Quest "Curry for What Ails You", Lester wants some Goron Spice so he can make Curry Rice and will trade Link some Hylian Rice for Goron Spice. Link can continue to trade Goron Spice to Lester for Hylian Rice after completing the quest, though this is unnecessary as Hylian Rice is fairly common ingredient to come by while Goron Spice is much rarer.


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