The Goron Game is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This race can be found on Dee Ess Island, located in the southeastern quadrant. Each game costs 50 Rupees to play. The game is not actually played by Link; rather, Gongoron must be controlled through the course while destroying the 30 crystals placed around the island. If he breaks all 30 crystals and reaches the finish line in the time limit, Link will receive one of a multitude of possible prizes, including Ship Parts, Rupees, Treasures, and a Bombchu Bag. Initially, the time limit is set to 35 seconds, but if the record is broken, the new time limit is the time that Gongoron finished the race in. Throughout the course are speed panels, which provide temporary boosts to Gongoron's speed.

The Goron Game becomes available only after Link clears the Temple of Ice and has received Gongoron's letter from the Postman. It is also possible to get the letter before clearing the mentioned temple if the northeastern sea chart is obtained early. If Link arrives to Dee Ess Island and talk to the game's operator prior to clearing the Temple of Ice, the game's operator will inform him that the preparations are not complete yet, as he has not found yet a part-time employee, and thus, the Goron Game is closed. However, some time after Link has cleared the Temple of Ice, he will receive two letters from the Postman. The first letter is from Aroo who thanks Link for saving him and from the clutches of the evil, and the second letter is from Gongoron, informing him that he left Goron Island and went to work as part-time employee in Dee Ess Island. After receiving this letter, the game is now open to Link for 50 Rupees.

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