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The Goron Forces are faction from Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. They represent the military forces of the Goron race and are the traditional allies of the Hyrulean Forces and sworn ally of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Background & History

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Various incarnations of the Goron Forces have apparently existed throughout Hyrulean history, as the Gorons are known to have fought alongside the Goddess Hylia in the war against the Demon Tribe and Demise, a war that predates the founding of Kingdom of Hyrule. Some point after the Hero of Skyloft defeated the Demon King Demise, the surviving Gorons settled on Death Mountain, coming into conflict with monsters such as Dodongos and the Goron eating dragon, Volvagia. Eventually the Hero of the Gorons rose to challenge the evil Volvagia and killed the beast with his mighty Megaton Hammer. The Dodongos eventually died out and the Goron's transformed Dodongo's Cavern into a mine where they mined the rocks they eat and materials used in bomb making and blacksmithing.

The Era of the Hero of Time

Near the end of the Hyrulean Civil War, the Gorons become sworn allies of the Royal Family of Hyrule after the King of Hyrule become a sworn brother of the Gorons and the Gorons where entrusted with protecting the Spiritual Stone of Fire which eventually became a symbol of the Goron Tribe known as the Goron's Ruby. During the Era of the Hero of Time, the Gorons were lead by Goron Chief Darunia, a descendant of the Hero of the Gorons. They became enemies with the Gerudo King Ganondorf after he closed off the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern with a boulder and demanded the Goron's hand over the Goron's Ruby. Darunia refused and locked himself in his room to wait for the Royal Family's messenger while guarding the Goron's Ruby. Unbeknownst to the Goron, Ganondorf was also responsible for reviving the Dodongo species, including the mighty King Dodongo that had begun appearing in the cavern before Ganondorf sealed it off. Eventually, the young Hero of Time came to Death Mountain in search of the Goron's Ruby and met with Darunia. Learning of the Gorons plight, the Hero of Time ventured into Dodongo's Cavern and defeated King Dodongo, earning the respect of Darunia and the Gorons. Darunia gave the young hero the Goron's Ruby and in doing so made the Hero of Time a sworn brother of the Gorons. The Hero of Time, became known among the Goron's as the Legendary Dodongo Buster and Darunia named his son after him. Seven years later, Ganondorf had become the King of Evil after managing to steal the Triforce of Power. The King of Evil cursed the Fire Temple and revived the ancient Volvagia. All the Gorons save for Darunia, his son, the Goron Shop Owner, Medigoron, and Biggoron were captured and sentenced by Ganondorf to be sacrificed to Volvagia as a warning to those that would challenge his rule. Darunia journeyed to the Fire Temple to free his tribe and search for his ancestor's legendary Hammer, that was stored within the temple, in order to defeat Volvagia. The Hero of Time now an Adult capable of wielding the Master Sword, journeyed to Death Mountain to awaken the Sage of Fire, learned of the Goron's plight from Darunia's son and journeyed to the Fire Temple to aid his sworn brother, reuniting with Darunia inside the Temple. Unable to find his ancestors hammer, Darunia bravely decided to face Volvagia without it, while his sworn brother freed the other Gorons. However Darunia was not match for the evil dragon without the hammer and was defeated by Volvagia. Fortunately the Hero was able to find the Megaton Hammer while freeing the Gorons and after freeing all the Gorons, he journeyed to Volvagia's room within the temple. Using the legendary hammer, the Hero of Time killed the evil dragon as the Hero of the Gorons had done previously, awakening Darunia as the Sage of Fire. The Gorons returned to Goron City and Darunia joined the other Seven Sages in combating the King of Evil, who was eventually sealed and the Gorons celebrated with the rest of Hyrule. The Hero of Time returned to the past and eventually entrusted his Hero's Bow to his sworn allies, the Gorons, who would remember him as the legendary hero.

Era of Twilight

In the Era of Twilight, the Gorons lived peacefully on Death Mountain, until Hyrule was invaded by the Usurper King of Twilight, Zant. However they were unable to aid their human and Hylian allies, as their current Chief Darbus had been transformed into Fyrus after he touched the Fused Shadow, an ancient artifact of Dark Magic that the Gorons had been entrusted to protect by the Light Spirits. The Gorons were forced imprison their corrupted leader inside the Goron Mines and retired chief, Gor Coron was forced to lead the Gorons in Darbus' absence. The Gorons became hostile to other races and even there traditional allies, as their pride prevented them from revealing the nature of Darbus' current condition. Fortunately, the Hero of Time's successor, the Hero of Twilight and Twilight Princess, Midna came to Death Mountain in search of the Fused Shadow. After besting Gor Coron in Sumo, the current chief revealed the truth of Darbus' condition and allowed the Hero to enter the Goron Mines. The Hero eventually encountered several Goron Elders who aided him during his journey through the mines. However due to a misunderstanding, he was forced to fight Dangoro, the Goron guardian of the Hero's Bow, though managed to defeat him and after learning he wish to use it to free Darbus, Dangoro permitted him to take the Bow. The Hero confronted Fyrus and managed to defeat him, restoring Darbus to normal, though with no memory of his actions as Fyrus. Grateful, some of the Gorons descend from Death Mountain to aid the survivors and refugees in Kakariko Village and assisted the Resistance. Darbus would later aid the Hero and Midna in accessing the Hidden Village.

War Across the Ages

After centuries of conflict over the Triforce, an incarnation of the Hero of Legend finally managed to defeat the evil Ganondorf, shatter his soul into four fragments. Three of these fragments were sealed across time and space in 3 different eras, while the fourth was sealed by the Master Sword within the Temple of the Sacred Sword. At some point, a group of Goron Forces managed to seal away an evil ring which they fiercely guarded from evil, until it was found by the Dark Sorceress, Cia who was searching the caves for the Dragon Knight, Volga. Transforming the ring into Wizzro, Cia made it one of her servant and after defeating Volga, brainwashed them to serve her as generals in the Dark Forces. Defeated by Cia, the Gorons sought to inform their allies, the crown Princess Zelda and the Hyrulean Forces of the threat possessed by the Dark Forces. In The Armies of Ruin, a Goron Captain find himself overwhelmed by a group of Dark Forces lead by a Lizalfos, but is saved by the intervention of a young Hyrulean Forces recruit, named Link. Grateful, the Goron Captain gave the recruit some Bombs, which allow the recruit and Hyrulean General Impa] join up with Princess Zelda and access the Fairy Fountain, allowing the Hyrulean Forces to call upon the Great Fairy's aid. The Gorons continued to aid the Hyrulean Forces in the many battles to come, such as providing Bombchus during the Hyrulean Forces journey through the Eldin Caves. Eventually, Cia managed to steal the Triforce of Wisdom and Courage, which she added to the Triforce of Power already in her possession. With the power of the complete Triforce, Cia open gateways to the three eras where the King of Evil's soul were sealed.

Land of Myth

In the Era of the Hero of Time, Cia sent Wizzro to manipulate the Goron Forces under Darunia, disguised as Princess Zelda. Manipulating Darunia with Big Poes, the Fake Zelda ordered Darunia to imprison his ally and fellow sage, Princess Ruto. As a result, the Goron Forces were initially hostile towards the Hyrulean Forces lead by Impa and Sheik. Eventually Sheik and Impa managed to defeat the Big Poes and Darunia, restoring the Goron Chief back to his senses. Free from the Fake Zelda's control, an apologetic Darunia frees Princess Ruto and they join forces with Hyrulean Forces in closing the Gate of Souls within their Era, located inside the Water Temple within Lake Hylia. During the battle at The Water Temple, Darunia ends up confronting King Dodongo while Sheik and Impa face the Fake Zelda, who's true identity is exposed by Sheik with the Lens of Truth. Sheik reveals herself to be the true Princess Zelda and the Gate of Souls is closed. Ruto and the Goron Forces lead by Darunia remain behind to guard Lake Hylia and end up being attacked by Volga. Fortunately, a young Hylian girl named Linkle comes to their aid and they manage to drive off the Dragon Knight.

Allies from Across the Ages

After all the Gate of Souls are closed, Darunia and Ruto join up with the Hyrulean Forces' other allies such as Lana, Midna, Agitha, and Fi in defeating Cia and the Dark Forces. Together with the Hyrulean Forces, the Goron Forces aid their allies in the defeat of Cia. Following Cia's defeat, Darunia returns to his Era with Ruto and Hyrule is returned to normal. However the final seal on Ganondorf's soul breaks and the King of Evil once again sets out to reacquire the Triforce of Power from Lana and obtain the complete Triforce by stealing the Triforce of Wisdom and Courage from Zelda and Link. Once again the Gorons join forces with their allies to combat the Ganondorf's Forces. While battling Ganondorf's Forces in Gerudo Desert, Darunia is summoned along with their other allies from across the ages to turn the tide of battle. Lead by Darunia, the Goron Forces aid the Hyrulean Forces once more by providing a Bombchu to aid in breaking through the enemy's defenses around Ganon's Tower. Darunia himself later holds off Ganondorf, while the Hyrulean Forces retake Hyrule Castle, weakening the Kin of Evil. Following Ganon's defeat, Darunia returns back to his Era with Ruto. The battle won, the Goron Forces aid their allies in rebuilding Hyrule following Ganon's defeat.

Overall Strength

Naturally strong and durable, Gorons are powerful fighters, capable of surviving in hostile environments like Death Mountain. As Gorons are far stronger and heavier than the average Hylians, they have a talent for the fighting art of Sumo, which is also considered a favorite pastime among the Gorons in the Era of Twilight. Due to their resistance to fire and talent for mining, Gorons have a talent for engineer, blacksmithing, and bomb making, allowing them to supply weapons, armor, and materials to their allies. Though their pride sometimes gets in the way, Gorons are usually known to be quite loyal to their allies.

Goron Forces

Supreme Commander




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