"From what I have learned, it sounds like these walls were left behind by the goddess for the hero mentioned in legends! The things the hero desires are said to spring forth from behind the walls."

Goddess Walls are special walls left behind by the Goddess Hylia that Link can draw upon using the Goddess Sword in order to summon fairies or receive hearts, Rupees, bombs, or arrows. Link can cause a Goddess Wall to appear by playing the Goddess's Harp near its location. Once a Goddess Wall appears, Link can use it by charging up a Skyward Strike and then by approaching the wall to begin drawing on it. The presence of a nearby Goddess Wall is indicated by groups of Blessed Butterflies. Activated Goddess Walls will become usable again if Link leaves and re-enters a dungeon, moves between the surface and the sky, or if the player saves the game, exits, and resumes the game. Gorko uncovers information about Goddess Walls during his studies and informs Link about them.


Link receives items depending on the symbol he draws on the goddess wall:

  • Heart shapes produce Hearts. This can even occur during Hero Mode, making it one of two objects that produce hearts in Hero Mode, along with the Heart Medal.
  • Hexagons produce Rupees.
  • Circles produce Bombs.
  • Arrow shapes produce Arrows.
  • A Triforce or a pair of wings summons Fairies.
  • Unrecognized shapes produce three hearts.


Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed.

Divine Substance

Goddess Walls appear to be made of the same material as Goddess Cubes, Goddess Chests, and Goddess Crests. As they where likely created by Hylia, they may be made of a divine substance/material that is sensitive to the energy produced by the Skyward Strike.

Theory warning: Theories end here.