This article is about the objects from The Wind Waker. For the item from The Adventure of Link, see Trophy. For the location from Skyward Sword, see Statue of the Goddess.

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The Goddess Statues are objects from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are three statues depicting the Golden GoddessesDin, Farore and Nayru— and can be found on the Northern, Eastern and Southern Triangle Islands, respectively.

After Link collects the three Pearls of the Goddesses, he must place them on their respective statues. The last pearl Link places will cause the statue to explode, revealing the true statue underneath. Using the pearl, the first statue shoots a beam of light at the second, breaking it open. The second statue repeats the process to break open the third. The beams of light stretching between the three Triangle Islands form an outline of the Triforce that briefly appears on the Great Sea. In the center, the Tower of the Gods rises from beneath the ocean depths, serving as Link's final test before gaining access to Hyrule.

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Possible Cameos

Before the "outer statue" parts are destroyed, the statues oddly resemble the three colors of Pikmin from an earlier game on the Nintendo GameCube, Pikmin. Din's statue has a pointed nose, Farore's statue has large, pointed ears, and Nayru's statue has a mouth. These are the facial features of the red, yellow, and blue Pikmin varieties, respectively. In addition, every "outer statue" has an odd formation on top of its head which resembles a Pikmin's stem and leaf.

The Din Goddess Statue bears a resemblance to the oracle of the same name.


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