Girobokkus are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Girobokku is its name in the Japanese version of the game; it was never given an official name in English.

Girobokkus are floating eye monsters, similar to Moas but much slower moving. Their eyes open and close, and their bodies are heavily armored enough that they deflect Link's sword. They move towards Link in a slow undulating pattern, pausing at random intervals and opening their eye. When they start to move again, they close it. The only time the Girobokku is vulnerable is when its' eye is open. They attack by trying to collide with Link; contact with a Girobokku does a surprising amount of damage.

Girobokkus are found all over eastern Hyrule. Because it has no official English name, English speaking fans have referred to Girobokkus with several different names. Some fans think of it as being a Digdogger or Patra, but this is not true.