Giro is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Giro is a Hylian merchant who camps in the forest near Squabble River on the west side of the Dueling Peaks, southeast of Proxim Bridge, and southwest of Dueling Peaks Tower.


Giro's Campsite

In the forest along the southern side of the path leading from Proxim Bridge through Dueling Peaks to the Big Twin Bridge and Little Twin Bridge Link can find Giro's Campsite near the Hills of Baumer. There is a small pond with a stone pillar-like platform near his campsite which can be used by Link as a landmark to find the campsite. The campsite contains a tent, a Campfire, and a Cooking Pot which Link can use to cook the ingredients Giro sells along with other ingredients. There is also a Woodcutter's Axe that spawns in a tree stump near the fallen log in Giro's campsite. A Tree Branch also spawns next to a tree near the camp. The campsite acts as a good place for Link to stock up on cooking ingredients, arrows, and food dishes before traveling through Dueling Pecks to reach the Dueling Peaks Stable.


"I'm proud of my wares. All of 'em. Please, take a look!"
— Giro

Giro sells mainly Arrows and cooking ingredients such as Hearty Truffle, Swift Carrot, Stamella Shroom, and Rock Salt. Due to his location, he may be one of the first merchants that Link encounters. Unlike most merchants encountered in Breath of the Wild, he does not travel around and can always be found at his camp either setting near his Campfire (during the day when it is cloudy or clear) or in his tent (at night or when it is raining). Link can also sell Armor, Materials, and food dishes to Giro for Rupees. Giro will restock is wares occasionally if Link travels to other regions outside of West Necluda.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Hearty Truffle 2 24
Swift Carrot 3 16
Stamella Shroom 3 20
Rock Salt 5 12
Arrows (x5) 3 12

Rainy Day Special

"Lemme express my respect for your determination by showing' ya my selection of very special wares!"
— Giro

Giro sells a very special selection of wares whenever it rains (including thunderstorms).

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrows (x5) 3 20
Swift Violet 2 40
Hearty Truffle 2 24
Big Hearty Truffle 1 60
Rock Salt 5 12

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