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"While a spirit inhabiting a sacred sword came through the portal from Skyloft, so too did a spirit from a fearsome and demonic sword, ready to wreak havoc once more. As a Demon Lord, Ghirahim commanded legions of monsters during a campaign to resurrect his true master, the Demon King Demise. Being a sword himself, Ghirahim knows the fine art of swordplay and proves himself a deadly fencer with added magical powers. He may come off as soft, but he's truly deadly in combat."
— Historical Entry Tutorial Bio

Demon Lord, Ghirahim (ギラヒム Girahimu?, Hylian GHylian HHylian IHylian RHylian AHylian HHylian IHylian M) is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is spirit of a Demonic Sword that was once wielded by the Demon King Demise. A high ranking member of the Demon Tribe, he seeks to resurrect his master from his Imprisonment in the Era of Skyloft.


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At first glance, Ghirahim appears to be calm, confident, and collected, although very flamboyant. He often acts gentlemanly, speaking eloquently and formally introducing himself to Link. He exhibits traits of narcissism and has a flair for the dramatic, and enjoys using broad gestures.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, he criticizes the Tunic that Linkle wears as being unfashionable, showing he is fashion conscious, which fits with his narcissism (as narcissists are known to care about their appearance). In fact, in Skyward Sword, he would remove his cape before engaging in battle, indicating that he likely wishes to keep it intact.

He is extremely loyal to his master Demise and most of his actions in Skyward Sword where driven by his desire to free his master from his imprisonment. He also appeared to enjoy returning to his true form as Demise's Sword.

In Hyrule Warriors, he is willing to side with others who remind him of his master, such as Cia (due to her being possessed by the Spirit Fragments of the reincarnation of his master's hatred) and Ganondorf (due to him being the reincarnation of his master's hatred and the current Demon King).

However, beneath his calm exterior is a violent and sadistic psychopath. As the story progresses, his composure progressively shatters, and his mannerisms and speech become more melodramatic, colorful, and violent. At his core, Ghirahim is merciless and enjoys bloodshed which is fitting as he is the demonic spirit of Demon King's sword. His violent personality shows quite graphically in the way he frequently licks his lips during a fight and even licking the blade of his sword at times. Ghirahim frequently loses himself to uncontrollable rage, easily finding excuses to take his anger out on his enemies. He also enjoys intimidating and toying with his victims, frequently teleporting behind them, sticking out his long tongue to freak out his opponents, and making colorful threats, such as promising not to kill Link but rather beat him within an inch of his life. He is also ruthless to his own minions, as evidenced by his comments to several of the enemies he commanded. His ruthlessness to his minions is also implied by how many of his upgrades require Moblin Flanks as payment.

During Adventure Mode missions where he is a NPC ally against Giant Bosses, he has a tendency to backstab the player and their allies and side with the opposition (as well as turn the human soldiers against you), with his comments implying that he merely attacked the Giant Bosses by mistake, and also justifying his betrayal by saying they can now fight him as if it were a sporting match.

In many ways, he is the polar opposite of his nemesis Fi, the Spirit of the Goddess Sword.


Hyrule Warriors Artwork Demon Blades (Concept Art)

A powerful Demon in his own right (second only in power to his master), Ghirahim is capable of teleportation, materializing/dematerializing objects (usually weapons) out of thin air, and summoning Bokoblin. A user of Dark Magic, Ghirahim can create Magic Circles and manipulate magical energy that takes the form of geometric shapes like squares or diamonds. Being a sword himself, Ghirahim his a natural born swordsman who wields various Demon Blades as well as blades of varying size (from daggers, slender swords, too large broadswords). He is also capable of transforming into his true spirit form (where he transforms into a demonic being that resembles the form of his nemesis, Fi) and even his sword form.

Moveset and Weapons

Demon Blade

Material Drops


Dark Ghirahim

Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim Dark Ghirahim (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Ghirahim from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Ghirahim is a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Ghirahim that appears as an enemy in Adventure Mode. He has the same moveset and Material drops as Ghirahim. Dark Ghirahim is dark magic that manifested in the form of Ghirahim. This dark form has no actual gender and no known superior. Since it is magic, it weighs nothing and has no specific height, unlike the real Ghirahim who is 6 foot 5 and 164 to 151 pounds.

Fake Ghirahim

Fake Ghirahim is a body double that appears as an enemy in Enduring Resolve story scenario. He is basically appears as a paler version of Ghirahim. He has the same moveset and Materials as Ghirahim. He's the same weight and height as the normal form of Ghirahim.


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