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"This is Gerudo Town, Hyrule's largest trade hub."

Gerudo Town is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Located in the Gerudo Desert region of Hyrule, it is the hometown of many Gerudo. The Gerudo Town is headed by Riju and her guards. "Voe" (men) are not allowed inside, only "Vai" (women) are permitted to enter. As a result, it is the only settlement in Hyrule whose population consists entirely of vai. Despite the law forbidding voe entry, since the fall of Hyrule and destruction of Hyrule Castle during the Great Calamity, Gerudo Town has become the largest trading hub in Hyrule. The town has existed since before the Great Calamity as Gerudo Champion Urbosa is said to have saved the town from a malevolent ghost in the past over one hundred years ago. Presumably due to the lack of any currently living Gerudo voe like Ganondorf (with Ganon himself never even appearing in his original Gerudo form in Breath of the Wild) in Ocarina of Time, it is ruled by a matriarchal line of Gerudo Chieftains, with the current chief being Makeela Riju, the daughter of a previous Chieftain who passed away shortly before the events of Breath of the Wild. The town is defended by Gerudo Soldiers who defend the town from outside threats and vigilantly police the city, expelling any voe caught attempting to enter or within Gerudo Town, thus the law is enforced very seriously. However their protection is not fool-proof as the Sheikah Yiga Clan are known to have entered the town and stolen a priceless heirloom.

As a result, of the law forbidding voe and lack of Gerudo voe, most Gerudo vai leave Gerudo Town to find love and marry, though as voe are forbidden their husbands, fathers, and other Hylian voe relatives must live outside Gerudo Town, though may married Gerudo may return to town to sell wares to support their families, though some such as Rhondson after her marriage live outside of Gerudo Town with their husbands.

As a result some of the Gerudo consider the law a inconvenience, though it is implied that it exists to protect Gerudo vai from amorous Hylian voe, many of whom come to the desert in the hope of visiting the city of women, though most find entry impossible and as a result many hang out in nearby Kara Kara Bazaar an oasis and trading hub for voe merchants or outside the gates of Gerudo Town. Others become lost in desert forced to contend with the desert heat, cold nights, monsters, and other dangers lurking in the desert.

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However during the Quest "Forbidden City Entry", Link learns from Vilia at the nearby trading post Kara Kara Bazaar which was created some point before the Great Calamity as a place for voe merchants and Gerudo vai to mingle and trade, that a voe can cross-dress in Gerudo vai clothing to disguise themselves as vai to fool the guards and most of the inhabitants of Gerudo Town. Though Vilia is able to pass for a Gerudo vai, Link is only able to pass for a Hylian vai, thanks in part to the Gerudo vai clothing and his androgynous physique.

If Link enters with his normal clothes or he wears Gerudo vai clothing then takes them off inside of the town, he will be kicked out by Gerudo guards. To enter the town, Link must wear the Gerudo Veil, Top and Sirwal armor set purchasable from Vilia at Kara Kara Bazaar. The only places in town where he can remove them is inside the Gerudo Secret Club, a black market male clothing shop and at the top of oasis that overlooks the town as it is the highest point in Gerudo Town, thus out of sight of any guards or civilians. Once Link obtains the Thunder Helm, he can also wear it in the same purpose as the "Gerudo" set. Additionally, Link can replace the Gerudo Sirwal with the Sand Boots or Snow Boots, yet will maintain his Gerudo disguise though only if he is wearing the Gerudo Top and Veil. Link must wear all three pieces to maintain the disguise.

Gerudo Vai Clothing

This is a list of armor that can be worn to disguise Link as a Hylian vai and their other effects when worn together.

Head Armor Body Armor Leg Armor Armor Set Effect/Set Bonus
Gerudo Veil Gerudo Top Gerudo Sirwal Gerudo Vai Clothing set Heat-Resistant (Set Bonus)
Gerudo Veil Gerudo Top Sand Boots N/A Sand Speed Up
Gerudo Veil Gerudo Top Snow Boots N/A Snow Speed Up
Thunder Helm Gerudo Top Gerudo Sirwal N/A Lightning Proof
Thunder Helm Gerudo Top Sand Boots N/A Lightning Proof & Sand Speed Up
Thunder Helm Gerudo Top Snow Boots N/A Lightning Proof & Snow Speed Up

Gerudo Town Market

Breath of the Wild Gerudo Town Marketplace (Gerudo Desert)

Gerudo Town Market

The main street of Gerudo Town contains a market place where Gerudo and vai visitors of other races can shop. After obtaining the vai disguise from Vilia, Link can enter Gerudo Town allowing him to shop in the market in disguise. The town has several Gerudo vendors who sell their goods in open air shops. Most shops are unnamed with a few exceptions such as the Arrow Specialty Shop, the Fashion Passion armor shop, and jewelry shop Starlight Memories. As Gerudo Town is the largest trading hub in Hyrule the market place has the largest number of shops in Hyrule out numbering even Tarrey Town and Hateno Village. However it should be noted that this is mainly due to Hyrule Castle Town being destroyed in Breath of the Wild. The market place also serves as evidence that the Gerudo have replaced thievery with an economy built on trade and commerce, demonstrating a dramatic shift in their culture between Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild.

The market place is open to vai of all races, though no Zora vai are encountered in Gerudo Town, presumably due to the desert conditions and climate shifts between night and day being potentially lethal to the Zora. Though no Sheikah vai are encountered in Gerudo Town, they would presumably be allowed, though the recent attack by the Yiga Clan may have effected relations between the Gerudo and the loyal Sheikah due to the fear of the threat posed by the rogue Sheikah of the Yiga Clan.

Near the Sand Seal Rental Shop in the eastern part of Gerudo Town, there is a small alcove that acts as a storage area. This storage area contains a Iron Sledgehammer lying next to a wall and a Gerudo Scimitar on a box of luggage. These weapons occasionally respawn when Link returns to the area.

Vai & Voe Armor Shops

According to Gerudo law, it is illegal for Gerudo merchants to sell voe clothing or armor in Gerudo Town with the exception of clothing and jewelry that can be worn by both vai and voe. However apparently this law does not apply to non Gerudo travelers as Link can sell any type of armor to shops and merchants in Gerudo Town with no issue. However due to the demand for voe clothing (presumably as gifts for their lovers, husbands, and/or non-Gerudo voe relatives) a black market for voe clothing exists in the form of the Gerudo Secret Club (or simply GSC) run by Greta who owns the Fashion Passion ran by her manager Saula which literally acts as a front business (as it is located outside in front of the shop) that legally sells vai clothing, while the Gerudo Secret Club is hidden inside the building and only accessible via a password which Link can learn during a side quest. Fashion Passion sells white dyed versions of the Gerudo Veil, Top, and Sirwal though this is opinion as Link must have already obtained it from Vilia in order to shop here, though it can be used to buy extras should Link wish to, though their is little reason to as it cannot be upgraded. If Link tries to enter through the door in front of the shop, Saula reveals it is an employees only entrance and tells Link that customers must use the back entrance in the alley behind the shop. After learning the password, Link can shop at the GSC which is the only place he can buy the "Radiant" armor set, which requires both Rupees and Luminous Stones to purchase, though as it is voe clothing it can only be worn inside the GSC as Link will be arrested and thrown out if he walks outside wearing it. Link can also purchase the "Desert Voe" set which is Gerudo armor made for voe and each piece grants a heat resistance effect when worn and as a result has stronger heat resistance that the Gerudo vai armor set. Unlike the Gerudo vai set both the "Radiant" and "Desert Voe" sets can be upgraded. Upgrading the Radiant set to Level 2 or higher "Stal" Disguise (set bonus) that causes Stalkoblins, Stalmoblin, and Stalizalfos to view Link as one of the undead and will not attack him, making it useful for traveling at night when "Stal" enemies are active. It also grants a Bone ATK Up set bonus which increases damage caused by Stal Arms (Bokoblin Arm, Lizalfos Arm, and Moblin Arm). The Desert Voe set grants the set bonus Shock Damage Resist once upgraded to Level 2 or higher which makes him resistant to shock damage and protects him from being disarmed by electric attacks and Shock Arrows, though not from lightning nor does it make him totally immune to electricity. Unlike the "Radiant" set, the "Desert Voe" set can be purchased legally at Rhondson Armor Boutique in Tarrey Town after it is opened by Rhondson during "From the Ground Up" side quest as it is only illegal to be sold within Gerudo Town.

Jewelry Shop

Main article: Starlight Memories

The jewelry shop in Gerudo Town crafts and sells circlets and earrings made using Gemstones and Flint. Isha (real name Jewel) runs the shop along with her employee Cara. It sells jewelry that can be worn by both vai and voe alike, thus Gerudo customers often buy jewelry as gifts or for themselves. This jewelry is not only cosmetic but also functional as most jewelry grants bonus effects such as resistances. However when Link enters Gerudo Town, he finds the shop closed. If he speaks to Isha he finds out that she is out of Flint she needs to make jewelry and Link agrees to get some for her which leads to the "Tools of the Trade" side quest where Link must bring her ten pieces of Flint. In exchange for the ten pieces of Flint, Isha rewards Link with his choice of either a Ruby Circlet, Sapphire Circlet, or Topaz Earrings free of charge as thanks. Ruby Circlet offers Cold Resistance, Sapphire Circlet offers Heat Resistance, and the Topaz Earrings grants Shock Resistance. Link can only pick one of these, forcing him to purchase the other two and other jewelry. After the Side Quest is completed Isha reopens her shop and Cara will thank Link by revealing Isha's secrets such as her romantic rivalry with Ashai. Cara also reveals that Isha is an alias as Isha's real name is Jewel which Isha is embarrassed by due to the irony of her chosen occupation as a jeweler.

In order to purchase jewelry, Link must pay in both specific gemstones and Rupees. For example, Link needs eight Opals and 200 Rupees to purchase a pair of Opal Earrings. Gemstones have various powers or attributes that are brought out when used in jewelry, thus the effects of the jewelry are related to the gem used. For example Opal's contain the power of Water which causes the Opal Earrings to increase their wearer's swim speed. Amber Earrings are the only jewelry that do not provide addition effects when worn, but offer higher defense than other jewelry and grant 28 points of defense when full upgraded making them equal to the fully upgraded Soldier's Helm in terms of defense. The Diamond Circlet made from Diamonds uses the power of light to reduce damage from ancient enemies and is the only head armor that grants Guardian Resist besides the Ancient Helm and Midna's Helmet, though the Diamond Circlet is the most costly in terms of gemstone rarity and cost, though its Guardian Resist bonus is well worth the price.

None of the jewelry sold here can be worn by Link within Gerudo Town as it ruins his disguise (unlike the Thunder Helm and Gerudo Veil which obscure parts of his face).

Arrow Shop

Main article: Arrow Specialty Shop

The Arrow Specialty Shop is a arrow shop run by the elderly Gerudo Danda that sells various types of Arrows. With the exception of Ancient Arrows and Light Arrows Link can purchase all other arrow types here. Fire Arrows Ice Arrows, and Shock Arrows are sold in bundles of 10, while Bomb Arrows are sold in bundles of 20 and normal Arrows in bundles of 5. Due to its selection, this shop is a great place to stock up on these arrow types.

Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop run by Estan sells various grades of steak (roasted meat) such as Seared Steak, Seared Prime Steak, and Seared Gourmet Steak. However as pointed out by the visiting Rito vai Frita, the shop does not sell poultry (bird meat) of any kind. Estan's sister Maike runs her own shop in Kara Kara Bazaar and refers to her sister's occupation as a butcher. As steaks are roasted meat and a food dish they cannot be used as cooking ingredients, thus Link can only use them as healing items, shopping here is optional as Link can roast his own meat for free or obtain roasted meat by defeating Black Hinox. However the shop is useful if he wishes to save his Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, and Raw Gourmet Meat for cooking more elaborate meals, yet sell carry around roasted food.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Seared Steak 1 30
Seared Prime Steak 1 58
Seared Gourmet Steak 1 140

Fruit Stand

Lorn runs a fruit stand that sells various types of fruit such as Hearty Durians, Hydromelons, and Voltfruit. Hydromelons can be used to create "Chilly" food dishes which help keep Link cool in the desert by increasing his heat resistance. Voltfruit can be used to create "Electro" food dishes to increase Link's shock resistance. Hearty Durians can b cooked to create "Hearty" food dishes that fully restore Link's health and give him a certain number of temporary yellow Extra hearts.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Voltfruit 3 16
Hydromelon 3 16
Hearty Durian 3 60

Ingredients Shop

Spera runs the cooking ingredients shop which sells salt, wheat, and rice for cooking. If Link talks to Spera, she reveals she is married to a Hylian voe and lives outside of Gerudo Town though comes to town to earn money for her family, though as a result she has to be away from her husband as he is not permitted in Gerudo Town. She also reveals that most of the vendors working in the stalls are married to Hylian voe who live outside of Gerudo Town and that her situation is common among the vendors as most of them live outside of Gerudo Town but come to sell their wares.

Across the street from her stall are two outdoor cooking pots which Link can use to cook at all times as it does not rain in Gerudo Desert, though even if it ever did the kitchen area is covered thus could be used even during the rare rain storms that are implied to occur extremely rarely (though Link himself never gets to encounter a desert rain storm in Breath of the Wild).

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Rock Salt 2 12
Tabantha Wheat 3 12
Hylian Rice 2 12

Mushroom Shop

Ardin runs the mushroom shop that sells several different types of mushrooms that can be used in cooking or as healing items. However unlike the Spore Store it only sells one of each before Ardin must restock. Humorously when out of stock, Ardin will tell her customers that she is selling rare mysterious mushrooms, only visible to the eyes of the most beautiful, though if Link talks to her, she reveals it is just a trick she is playing on her customers tell she restocks. Though some of her customers suspect it is a trick, Jules and Nellie seem to fall for it out of vanity.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Ironshroom 1 20
Razorshroom 1 20
Sunshroom 1 16
Zapshroom 1 16
Chillshroom 1 16

Other Businesses

Hotel Spa

Main article: Hotel Oasis

The Hotel Oasis is the Gerudo Town's Inn. In addition to providing a standard Bed for 20 Rupees, though for an additional 60 Rupees, the Innkeeper Romah offers a special spa plan along with the bed, which comes out to 80 Rupees total (60 for the Spa plan and 20 Rupees for the bed). The spa plan not only restores Link health, but also gives him 3 yellow Extra Hearts and overfill his stamina by one yellow Stamina Gauge.

Town Bar

Main article: The Noble Canteen

The Noble Canteen is the town bar run by the bartender Furosa. It is where Gerudo go to drink and gossip. It is implied that most of the drinks such as Noble Pursuit are alcoholic as Furosa believes Link to be too young to drink one and one of the patrons Pritana even asks if Link is old enough to drink there, which Link can respond to by truthfully proclaiming "I'm over 100!", though Pritana does not take Link seriously. It should be noted that Link himself is actually being honest as he truly is over 100 as he was a young adult by the time of the Great Calamity one hundred years ago, thus was indeed born over one hundred years ago, though he has not aged since he was placed in the Shrine of Resurrection as his aging was halted by the effects of the Slumber of Restoration. However due to the Gerudo perceiving Link to be too young to drink, "she" is unable to buy drinks. However the bar plays an important role in two side quests. Pyra, Sumati, and Yaido can be found here. They enjoy gossiping and dislike people listening in on their private conversations and catch Link if he tries talk to them inside the Canteen. However if Link talks to the Gerudo child Pearle who lives in the house next door at night, she reveals that she can hear people at the Canteen talking, thus Link can listen in to their conversations inside the house Pearle lives in with her sister. Listening to them for the first time leads to "The Secret Club's Secret" which reveals the password needed to enter the Gerudo Secret Club.

During "The Perfect Drink", Pokki has collapsed on top of the Guidance Stone terminal for the Misae Suma Shrine in the East Barrens of the desert and needs a Noble Pursuit. Link must travel to the Canteen and inform Furosa of Pokki's condition. However Furosa reveals that she has run out of ice to make it and asks Link to go to the Northern Icehouse to fetch some. At night, Link can talk to Jules who can tell him more about the icehouse and how to reach it. Jules can also be seen drinking from a cup, though if Link tells her not to drink too much she will reveal it is full of just plain water. After delivering the ice, Link must return to Pokki who will leave get the Noble Pursuit waiting for her in Gerudo Town, allowing Link to use the terminal to open the shrine and activate its Travel Gate as a warp point.

Gerudo Chieftain's Palace

Gerudo Town contains a palace complex that serves as the residence of the Gerudo Chieftain, a position currently held by Makeela Riju. Certain entrances of the palace are inaccessible until Link speaks to Riju, though Link can easily bypass guards by climbing the walls and will not be penalized as long as he wears his vai disguise. This allows him to enter areas such as Patricia's enclosure or Riju's bedroom.

Throne Room

The main throne room of the palace where Link first meets Riju and her bodyguard Buliara. Entering the throne room for the first time triggers a cutscene with spoken dialog that introduces Riju before Link speaks to Riju about Vah Naboris. Recognizing Link's Sheikah Slate, Riju is willing to hear Link out, however while talking to Link, Buliara remembers that that save for Zelda, there were no Hylian vai among the Champions and realizes that if Link is indeed the Hylian Champion, then that proves he is a voe in disguise, in violation of Gerudo Town law. However Riju allows Link's status as a voe to remain secret out of respect for his status and being a comrade of the esteemed Gerudo Champion Lady Urbosa and permits him to remain in Gerudo Town provided he remains disguised. Buliara however wants to test him and suggests he prove himself by reclaiming the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan who had attacked and stolen it from Gerudo Town. Riju agrees as the Thunder Helm is the only thing capable of withstanding Vah Naboris' artificial lightning, thus will be required for Link to access Vah Naboris.

Riju's Bedroom

Riju's Bedroom is located above the main entrance to the main palace throne room, which Link can access by climbing the walls before talking to Riju and Buliara. It contains the Chief's Diary which reveals Riju's full name and her history. However Link must be careful as their are guards stationed at the entrances that lead from Riju's bedroom to the throne room and if they catch Link they will send him back to the throne rooms main entrance.

After obtaining the Thunder Helm from Master Kohga at the Yiga Clan Hideout, Link will find Riju here and will be permitted to access it via way of the throne room entrances.

At the back of the room stands a stone tablet with two pillars on either side, all of which have Gerudo glyphs on them. When translated the tablet itself has the words "Dester Sun" calved into the base and "Gerudo a resilient desert flower facing the sun's gaze Gerudo grows brilliant, while others fade" on the main body underneath the Gerudo symbol. The left piller bares the inscription "We stand vigilant in the desert sun we are brilliant, over everyone" and the right piller states "vigilant in the sun growing brilliant Gerudo never outdone".

Patricia's Enclosure

Located in the southern part of Gerudo Town, is a special sand seal pen for Riju's Sand Seal Patricia who is also an oracle who will share its wisdom to people who feed her fruit. Patricia's caretaker Padda will translates Patricia's barks for Link if he feeds Patricia fruit and has no problem with Link presence even if he enters via climbing the walls, though only if he is in disguise like most areas of Gerudo Town. It is connected to the main throne room by a unguarded entrance. It also contains a side room which is presumably Padda's which is where a Gerudo Spear spawns.

Soldier Barracks

It is also home to the Gerudo Town barracks where the Gerudo Soldiers that protect the palace, Gerudo Town, and other areas under their protection such as Kara Kara Bazaar are headquartered. Gerudo Captain Teake is in charge of the soldiers here and after speaking to Riju and Buliara, will tell the other guards to share information about the Yiga Clan with Link. As a Captain Teake wields a Radiant Shield which is awarded to all soldiers who reach the rank of captain and a Moonlight Scimitar. Link can take a picture of both of these items to add them to the Hyrule Compendium, allowing Link to search for them using the Sheikah Slate+ upgrade obtained from Purah. Additionally Link can find a Golden Bow that spawns next to the wall northwest of Teake. The barracks can be accessed from the alley where the Noble Canteen is located and is accessible even before talking to Riju as the Ashai holds relationship classes in a classroom located in the barracks, though the guards tend to tell people to leave and not bother them, though they do not force anyone to leave. The barracks contains training dummies for soldiers to practice on. It is also connected to the main palace throne room by an unguarded entrance.

Gerudo Town Oasis

Above the palace is an oasis from which all the water in Gerudo Town flows and presumably the palace was built around it to protect its main water source, an important commodity in the hot and dry desert. From the oasis, the water flows down into Gerudo Town via aqueducts which transport water all across Gerudo Town. Link can climb to the top to the oasis' source, where he can find a hidden Korok, to receive a Korok Seed. It is unclear if the Gerudo are aware of the Korok, though it is implied they are not as Link can remove his clothing inside the Oasis presumably due to it being the highest point in Gerudo Town, thus obscured from view of the guards and townspeople. As a result it is the only outside area in Gerudo that Link can remove his disguise, however he must put it back if he wishes to return to town. The Korok living here is the only Korok to be found in Gerudo Town.

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