Gerudo is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a province of Hyrule which includes the Gerudo Desert and the Gerudo Highlands regions. Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar are located there. The four Molduga mini-bosses are fought in the desert of this province. The Yiga Clan has also set up their hideout at Karusa Valley in the Gerudo Highlands region. The Gerudo Great Skeleton of the desert leviathan can also be found here. As its name implies, the province is home to the Gerudo tribe who mainly live in the desert, though they are known to visit the cold and snowy Gerudo Highlands north of the desert as it is were they obtain ice for the Northern Icehouse and the Statue of the Eighth Heroine as well as its missing sword can be found there as well where it is implied to be worshipped by Gerudo who still venerate the Eighth Heroine. The province is notable for its varying climate as the Gerudo Highlands are cold and snowy, while the desert shifts between hot and cold depending on the time of day. Rainfall is rare in this province, though sandstorms and snowstorms are common in the desert and northern highlands respectively.


Gerudo Desert

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Link in Gerudo Desert

The desert region of Hyrule which is home to the Gerudo tribe. The main settlements in this region are Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar. Gerudo law prohibits "voe" (men) from entering Gerudo Town, though "vai" (women) of all races are welcome to enter, however Link discovers that a voe can enter the town via disguising himself as Hylian vai by wearing certain armor, a trick he learns from Vilia in Kara Kara Bazaar during "Forbidden City Entry". Despite the law, Gerudo Town is the largest trading hub in Hyrule and has the most shops and merchants of any settlement in Hyrule. Kara Kara Bazaar is bazaar located around an oasis which is where voe merchants do business with Gerudo who visit it to sell wares or to mingle with Hylian voe whom Gerudo vai seek out as mates due to the rarity of Gerudo voe (no Gerudo males appear in Breath of the Wild, not even Ganondorf). Presumably due to the lack of Gerudo voe, the Gerudo are ruled by a matriarchal line of female chieftains, the current one being Makeela Riju who succeeded her late mother. Gerudo Soldiers protect Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar. The Yiga Clan a group of rogue Sheikah who have sworn allegiance to Calamity Ganon have recently come into conflict with the Gerudo due to their theft of the Thunder Helm a lightning proof helmet and heirloom passed due among the Gerudo Chieftains. In addition to the Yiga, bands of Lizalfos, Moblins, and Bokoblins, roam and live in the desert preying on travelers and native Gerudo. The gigantic Molduga swim through the desert sands consuming anything it can grab, including Treasure Chests.

Various ruins can be found in the desert such as the East Gerudo Ruins which is home to the statues of the Seven Heroines, a group of ancient heroes venerated by the Gerudo. Other ruins include the Arbiter's Grounds which is implied to be the ruins of the prison from Twilight Princess and the West Gerudo Ruins. The Desert can be accessed primarily from the Gerudo Desert Gateway which lead to the Gerudo Canyon Pass in eastern part of the Gerudo Highlands.

The Great Fairy Tera lives in the Great Fairy Fountain underneath the Gerudo Great Skeleton in Dragon's Exile west of the Arbiter's Grounds.

As Horses refuse to enter the desert, the Gerudo use Sand Seals native to the desert to pull them along while they surf on the sand with a shield. Thus Sand Seals are a primary method of transportation in the desert.


As a desert region, Gerudo Desert is arid and mostly dry region where hardly ever rains (it is implied that rain is an extremely rare event in the desert much like how the birth male children is rare among the Gerudo). Due to the lack of rain, water is extremely valuable in the desert as most settlements are built around water sources such as the oasis located in Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar. As it is a desert, the climate in Gerudo Desert shifts between hot daytime temperatures and cold nighttime temperatures. As a result, anyone traveling through the desert must learn how to deal with these conditions both of which can sap one's health. During the day the sun heats up the desert, though shaded areas and settlements are cooler making them good places to beat the heat. Many plants and animals in the desert have adapted to the changing conditions. Hydromelons contain hydrating liquid that provides a cooking effect to food. Additionally, Frozen Food temporarily cools down the consumers body which can also be used to survive the heat. Certain types of Gerudo clothing are designed to protect and cool down their wearer to protect them from desert heat.

Though hot during the day, the desert becomes cold at night though the nighttime cold can be endured by wearing warm clothing and consuming "Spicy" food.

Gerudo Highlands

The Gerudo Highlands surround the east and northern parts of the desert. The Yiga Clan have built their hideout in Karusa Valley and as a result, protect the valley and their hideout from intruders. Spectacle Rock can be found in Gerudo Canyon which also contains the Gerudo Canyon Pass that leads to the desert. The Gerudo Canyon Stable acts as place for desert travelers to board their horses which refuse to enter the desert as well as a place for travelers leaving the desert to access their registered horses. However the Gerudo Canyon pass is hazardous due to the monsters inhabiting the area.


While eastern Gerudo Canyon and Karusa Valley have conditions not unlike Gerudo Desert, the highlands north of the desert are extremely cold and snowy in sharp contrast to the desert. The Gerudo occasionally visit the region to obtain ice for the Northern Icehouse and it is implied that Gerudo artisans developed Snow Boots to make traveling through the snowy region easier. However Gerudo tend to prefer to live in the desert which they are more better adapted to. However the Statue of the Eighth Heroine and its missing sword located on Gerudo Summit indicate the Gerudo have lived their in the past, though one hundred years after the Great Calamity it has become home primarily to monsters, especially those that thrive in icy conditions such as Ice-Breath Lizalfos, Frost Talus, Ice Keese, and Ice Wizzrobes.

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