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"HO HO HO! I'm your bad guy this time!! HO HO HO!"
— Genie

Genie (ツボ魔王 Tsubo Maō?, Jar Demon King) is the boss of Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It has a clown-like appearance and uses a bottle to protect itself from Link's attacks.

Battle Edit

After it pops out of its bottle and throws a series of fireballs at Link, it goes back into the bottle. When it starts chasing Link, Link must strike the bottle to stun it, then use the Power Bracelet to lift it and throw it into a wall. After this is done three times, the bottle is broken, and Genie goes into a frenzy.

Link can damage it with the sword, but he can defeat it much faster with Bombs or Bomb Arrows, which will both defeat him in just two hits. After each hit, Genie will split into two and reform. While it is split into two, it cannot be damaged. The second it reforms, Link must strike it again. After repeating this a number of times or by using two Bomb Arrows, Genie will be defeated, and Link can retrieve the Conch Horn.

Video Edit

Genie (Link's Awakening)02:31

Genie (Link's Awakening)

Other appearances Edit

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Hyrule Warriors Legends Edit

As part of the Link's Awakening DLC, Wizzro's Standard Outfit (Koholint) is a Genie Recolor of his Standard Outfit.

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