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"We're going to take refuge at Romani Ranch tomorrow. I guess it really will fall...Leaving my lifelong home and fleeing is unbearable, but nothing can be done...I think I'll take several of Gampy's favorite books."
Anju's Grandmother's diary

Gampy is a character mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Gampy's name is mentioned in the diary of Anju's Grandmother on the Final Day. In her diary, she writes that she, Anju, and Anju's Mother will be taking refuge at Romani Ranch the next day and that leaving her lifelong home is tough to bear. She then mentions that she will take several of Gampy's favorite books.

It is possible that Gampy is Anju's deceased grandfather. Gampy could also be the name of Anju's Mother or some other relative or family friend. However, the Japanese text refers to Gampy as "Grandpa", making such a connection unlikely.

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