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"Though this odd creature is cowardly by nature, it will expose an array of densely packed defensive spines when approached or provoked."

Froaks are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are frog-like avian beings that vaguely resemble puffer fish. If Link comes near them, they will puff up and reveal a set of deadly spikes covering their entire body. They can be destroyed if attacked when they do not have their spikes extended. Since Froaks explode when defeated, ranged attacks should be used to safely attack them. The Gust Bellows can be used to blow them into a hard wall, causing them to explode.

When puffed up, attacking sends them floating backwards a short distance. Underwater, the only way to defeat them is by using Link's spin maneuver to knock them into a wall. Oddly, Link will sustain contact damage if they are not puffed up, but will be unharmed if they are. Their explosion upon hitting a wall can be used as an alternative to bombs, especially underwater, where bombs do not function.


"Froak" is likely a portmanteau of frog, as they are reminiscent of frogs, and croak, a term commonly used to describe the sounds frogs make.

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