"This will undoubtedly come in handy one day. Don't lose it!"
— in-game description

Freebie are Materials that appear in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

Freebies are obtained as consolation prizes at the Daily Riches Shop in Hytopia. Three out of the four chests contain Freebies, while the fourth holds a random material which the proprietor will reveal when Link enters the shop. Winning 5 Freebies unlocks the Dapper Spinner Kit in the catalog at Madam Couture's Shop. However a total of ten Freebies is needed to actually make the outfit. It should be noted that Link can only play at the Daily Riches Shop once a day, so Link will have to play each day to obtain enough Freebies in order to create the Dapper Spinner Kit. After that any additional Freebies can be sold to the Street Merchant.

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