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"You've seen those weird rings of light that appear on the surface of the sea, haven't you, small fry? Did you know that some of those rings only appear at night? Didn't think so."

The Four-Eye Reef is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a walled piece of territory containing four symmetrical pieces of reef, hence its name. Like all reefs in The Wind Waker, when seen from above, it resembles a face on a six-sided die. There are several Warships, and Cannon Turrets scanning the area for intruders. If Link destroys the Cannon Turrets, he is rewarded with a Treasure Chart. This chart leads to the Flight Control Platform sector, where Link can dredge the Island Hearts Chart from the sea.

Also, with the correct Treasure Chart (the one from Five-Eye Reef), Link can collect the Great Fairy Chart from this sector.

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