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Welcome to the Watercooler.

This is a place for community discussion about Zeldapedia or anything else related to The Legend of Zelda series.

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TopicLast editLast author
Adult Link Mask discussion17:10, April 26, 2015Metalcornknight
Temple of Courage: Reboot16:35, April 25, 2015Ceiling Master
Where should I start?10:56, April 25, 2015Bandicootfan63
DISPLAYTITLE20:29, April 18, 2015From Beyond The Stars
I need a high quality picture of Ganon on his horse from twilight princess16:13, March 20, 2015Compadrre
Netflix in works of Legend of Zelda Live action TV series!01:52, February 7, 2015TimeShade
Outsider's Perspective - a few suggestions16:46, January 12, 2015Jedimasterlink
What do YOU think should have been in Mystical Seed of Courage?01:23, December 9, 2014BlayAndHowlie
Zelda's alternate universe20:07, November 23, 2014Ceiling Master
Videos in articles20:36, October 30, 2014Jedimasterlink
Infobox release dates15:12, October 24, 2014Jedimasterlink
Tetra oddity in Phantom Hourglass01:12, October 10, 2014KnightofTime83
Zelda fan-movie trailer please watch!23:58, September 24, 2014MGSSpaz
Unused templates17:45, August 3, 2014Ceiling Master
More CSS codes22:54, July 5, 2014Green Rupee
Problems with Original Name Rule19:12, June 30, 2014Ceiling Master
Galleries with spoilers00:01, June 4, 2014Jedimasterlink
Zelda at E3 201423:14, June 3, 2014Matt Hadick
X's Note14:04, May 31, 2014Jäzzi
Adding the race maiamai15:46, January 30, 2014Jedimasterlink
Stallord and Stalblind?01:47, January 27, 2014Anoukikwi
Remove the "Add a photo to this galley" button under the gallery02:34, January 26, 2014Jedimasterlink
The moon actually the moon in MM?02:34, January 16, 2014Wolfscar45
Is it too late to become a lifelong Zelda fan?19:35, January 13, 2014SonicAficionado1996
Majora's Mask Manga question..15:33, December 21, 2013Wolfscar45
New Zelda Game?18:54, December 20, 2013Hargacharga
The Legend Of Zelda Collector's Edition Guide Versions.13:41, December 10, 2013AuronKaizer
ALBW Spoilers and Theories23:34, November 19, 2013Biennale
Can't reach this area on the map20:07, October 26, 2013AuronKaizer
Ohhh-woahhh!!!20:06, October 26, 2013AuronKaizer
Biggest Zelda Mysteries05:50, October 26, 2013AuronKaizer
Ocarina of Time Enemy Memories05:32, October 26, 2013Poisonwater
What happened to the little boy in the graveyard?22:06, October 23, 2013Spirit Zelda
How do locations change so drastically in between zelda games?21:20, October 22, 2013AuronKaizer
Do people who enter Termina lose their memories?01:35, October 22, 2013Poisonwater
Spiritual stones = Goddesses pearls02:52, October 14, 2013Spirit Zelda
A trivia section for each article04:25, August 17, 2013Jaymi K.S.
Unaffiliation23:17, July 29, 2013Oni Dark Link
I just reaslied something11:59, July 18, 2013AuronKaizer
User templates16:02, July 8, 2013Jäzzi
Should we keep it?15:47, July 8, 2013Jäzzi
Getting things done15:21, July 8, 2013Jäzzi
Social Networking15:16, July 8, 2013Jäzzi
Soundtrack Pages12:28, June 27, 2013Jäzzi
Original LoZ Item Page Moves17:30, June 20, 2013WikiaBot
Upcoming Zelda show16:26, June 18, 201350.197.9.109
Zelda props here!!00:30, May 27, 2013Minish Link
Petitioning Zeldapedia: Add a Chat!21:29, May 15, 2013DangerousDangerously
Assumed Hylians20:15, April 26, 20132sheikah4
Capitalized Parameters in Infobox Race02:49, April 24, 2013DangerousDangerously
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