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Keo Ruug Shrine Solution

Since I can't put this on its' article, here's a little guide for the Keo Ruug Shrine and its' puzzles...

Solution for the first puzzle

To open the way, Link must put one orb on the western side in the top row next to the five lanterns that stand side-by-side, and the second orb on the bottom row where three lanterns side-by-side. On the eastern side of the Shrine, Link must put one orb on the bottom row with only one lantern, and the second orb in the top row in the hole that has two lanterns. The way should now open and Link can claim his prize from the Shiekah Monk, a Spirit Orb. If Link should decide to clear the second puzzle for the treasure chest, his reward will be a Knight's Claymore or Royal Claymore.

Solution for the treasure

To open the way for the Knight's Claymore or Royal Claymore, Link must go back to the previous room and on the western side at the top row, Link must put the orb into the recess with four lanterns and the other orb into the recess with two lanterns at the bottom row. On the eastern side, the orbs must be put into the two-latern recess for the bottom row and the one lantern recess for the top row. The way to the Knight's Claymore or Royal Claymore will then open.

Whirl Roller (talk) 22:57, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

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