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Hey there. I've been playing through a lot of Zelda games lately, and I'm having a unique (though not uncommon) problem with Phantom Hourglass. The game's mail system runs off of time on your system, as well as checking off certain tasks and conversations as prerequisites. It was easier for the people in the ancient forum posts I've seen elsewhere because they're playing it on a DS; I'm on a Wii U virtual console port, which I believe is negatively affecting this mechanic. This is why, whenever anyone else asked this question in the past, it was easily fixed by talking to all the necessary people and then setting your system's clock forward a day. However, I've tried that and it brought me no such luck. I'm on Mercay Island, waiting by the mailbox with all but the three gems you get through the mail, as well as being unable to play the Goron Game (getting GonGoron's letter is a prerequisite). This is at least the third time I've spoken to the necessary people at this point--Mutoh and his four knights, Aroo and the Chief, GonGoron and the Chief--as well as everyone else in every area, but I still didn't get any letters when I changed the time. I tried a few different islands to make sure it wasn't location-specific, but I still can't get the letters. This is also affecting the Prize Postcard, though I care much less about a ship part than main-game abilities. Any ideas for how to solve this, since I can't change the Virtual Console's perception of a fake DS's time? I'd probably even take a cheat code at this point; Waiting with the sword to end the game for a freaking mailbox to jiggle is agonizing.

Update: The issue solved itself somehow. Just got the letters when I started up the game today. Not sure how this wiki handles topics that are solved, so feel free to delete it, leave it, or close it since I can't find any button for it. Thanks for letting me post here!

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