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I am doing a research paper for english and am writing it on The Legend of Zelda and why the classic damsel in distress story trope is so popular.

If you could please comment below if any of the following factors would have influenced the way you viewed the game or how much you would have liked it the very first time you discovered and played the legend of zelda.

Link was a Female

Zelda was a Male

Zelda and Link Swapped Genders

Zelda and link were the same Gender

Link was Old

Zelda was Old

Zelda and Link were both Old

Zelda was Ugly

Link was Ugly

Zelda and Link were both ugly

The villain was a child

The villain was clearly a female

If not please say no these would not have affected the way i viewed the game or how much i liked it when i first played it.

Please post your replies below this line in the edits.

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