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Welcome to the help desk.

This is a place to get help from, or to help, other members of Zeldapedia.

To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic". Titles such as "Problem", that give no idea of the subject, have a good chance of being ignored by busy people; so, please make the title meaningful. Please sign your contributions as you would on a talk page.

For other sources of help, please see Help:Contents.

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TopicLast editLast author
Is Ghirahim playable in Hyrule Warriors: Legends?16:15, March 26, 2016FairyTailLover01
No Giants Mask?14:54, February 17, 2015Manpuku
Triforce22:17, October 5, 2014Ceiling Master
Stone tower temple boss key glitch?07:37, May 4, 2014Beanskin
Abandoned thread18:10, January 25, 2014Shiram-Ludgerus33
Skyward Sword´s monster analysis04:57, November 25, 2013Star Stone
Add hudless screenshots12:18, September 9, 2013Shiram-Ludgerus33
Twilight Princess character18:41, August 16, 2013EveryDayJoe45
Navi the Bot15:48, July 8, 2013Jäzzi
Kakariko Etymology02:26, July 8, 2013Birdman5589
Oracle Look-Alikes?02:22, July 8, 2013Birdman5589
I tried to add a new image to the wiki - I need help!02:47, June 9, 2013Jedimasterlink
Chances of An oracle game generating a wrong hero secret?04:44, May 4, 2013190.73.8.91
I need walkthroughs.18:18, April 19, 2013AuronKaizer
Mainspace edits: Here or everywhere?17:11, April 18, 2013Xykeb Zraliv
Who owns or contributes very often to this wikia. I'm looking for someone who is a huge Legend of Zelda fan to be part of my Nintendo wikia. That person will contribute to the Zelda theme of the wikia.01:56, February 20, 2013Blackavatar123
How Many Links Are There???20:20, December 26, 2012MerlinCoCD
How can I create picture (like the picture from Sakon) without the white or colorful background ?20:21, November 25, 2012Jäzzi
Korean release dates and ratings do not show up05:31, October 10, 2012Wwtoonlinkfan
How to use items in Skyward Sword menu screens23:53, September 11, 2012VicGeorge2K9
I'm need to know how to create a walkthrough19:15, July 9, 2012Jäzzi
A weird blank room in Horon Village found by digging01:12, June 13, 2012Xykeb Zraliv
Article Naming?09:33, April 26, 2012Nixerix
Tears of Farore Glitch-Help!20:20, March 5, 2012Fierce Deku
Puini00:50, February 20, 2012Zakaria Syed
Typing "Watercooler" in the search box15:27, January 8, 2012Jäzzi
Image quality/ qualification15:45, January 2, 2012Fierce Deku
SS Collectible Items/Treasures06:30, November 28, 2011Fierce Deku
Image help20:17, November 26, 2011Jäzzi
A few infobox/general template suggestions22:57, November 23, 2011Zachasme
Memory21:17, November 21, 2011AuronKaizer
Item upgrade paths17:14, October 14, 201197.83.188.152
Problem with Mido03:53, October 11, 2011AuronKaizer
New Template Idea00:45, October 8, 2011Jäzzi
Great Bay Temple Help04:00, October 6, 2011DaixCraze
Game Articles03:24, October 3, 2011Minish Link
Technical Help needed for DSi Video Out02:38, October 3, 2011Birdman5589
Forest Stage Master Quest04:09, September 26, 2011Fierce Deku
I know a new glitch in Twilight Princess. How do I add another title to insert the new glitch?15:29, August 24, 2011Triforce Bot
Edit Comparison Error15:28, August 24, 2011Triforce Bot
New Icon?!15:27, August 24, 2011Triforce Bot
New Sidebar Element Being Tested19:35, May 4, 2011DaNASCAT
Opinions for my....00:52, April 19, 2011Triforce Bot
I'm trying to find an old Link vs Ganondorf video I think it was like a test of the gamecube's abilities anyone know?00:50, April 19, 2011Triforce Bot
Are these pics good?23:49, April 5, 2011Fierce Deku
US TP Text Dump18:30, February 20, 2011Birdman5589
How to add an image16:52, January 30, 2011AuronKaizer
Red Ring: Can Link Get It & Get Out In The Second Quest?02:02, January 30, 2011Linkedup
Reverting Vandalism04:30, January 25, 2011Isdrakthül
Warp Pots?10:36, January 21, 2011AuronKaizer
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