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Pedestal of Time (Ocarina of Time)
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Topic. I can't really think of any good reason not to put the "endspoiler" tag after galleries with spoilers, except for a good alternative solution. I've wondered if we could do something like what we did to the infoboxes, by making spoiler-images collapsible or hidden until moused-over. Thoughts?
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If it can be easily done then it sounds good to me
Pedestal of Time (Ocarina of Time)
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Sadly it seems all of our users who might know how to do something fancy are inactive now, so we'll just have to settle for moving the tags below the galleries.
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I could probably put something together if we thought it was a good idea.
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I know this is partially necrobumping, but I'm pretty sure this could be done in the same method as the spoilers in the infoboxes. I've put an example up in my sandbox (as well as below). The only problem that I can see is "Spoiler:" text is left-aligned which looks strange with the centered galleries. Additionally, the text looks out of place due to the size. The problem with using this template is it still only opens. It is possible for the template to open and close, I just don't know the .js to do that.
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The spoiler template is usable. We could also make a similar template that has a different text size and is centered.
Japas Artwork
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That's exactly what I was thinking. You wouldn't have to add anything to any javascript page, just create a new template with different sizes. Ta-da, new temple, same job.
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Yeah, I think that's the best option.
Pedestal of Time (Ocarina of Time)
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The left-aligned text does bug me, but if that can be changed easily then I have no problem with the idea.

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