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What's the creepiest/disturbing/nightmarish scenario you've had in any Zelda game? From enemies to locations to whatever. Mine are (in order):
  1. The Bottom of the Well (Crawling through a haunted well as a ten year-old.)
  2. The mind tearing, blood curdling scream Skull Kid makes when he summons the moon.
  3. The Royal family Grave in Kakariko Graveyard. Self explanatory.
  4. The Shadow Temple. Yeah...
  5. Beneath the Well
  6. Ikana Castle
  7. Earth Temple
  8. ReDeads. Just ReDeads.
  9. And Wallmasters.
    1. Don't forget Florrmasters.
  10. Anytime Zant appears on screen earlier in game. The sharp tone that follows is creepy.


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Hehe, fun topic of conversation. Mine are:
  1. Yea, ReDeads....
  2. Any sound effect by Tingle ("aHYa!", "hey!", etc.). Reminds me too much of Michael Jackson....
  3. Shadow Temple....
  4. Arbiter's Grounds. >shudder<
  5. The screech made after you beat the ghost ship in Wind Waker ("WooAAHCIAEOSAODEQ!!!!!!")
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Well, from an early age I was made impervious to fear due to severe mental trauma, so I can't really come up with anything frightening in the games. Of course, the plotholes of TP are somewhat unnerving. Besides, nobody who has played through the entire Shalebridge Cradle level in Thief: Deadly Shadows will ever know fear again. Even another four years with George Bush (channelled through his vessel McCain) is just babyfood in comparison.

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Now that you think about it AK, the Republican party's rule is much worse than anything we have listed... 'Course, Obama/Hilary as Overlord and second-in-command may not be much better...

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When he grows up, Link wants to be a speaker of the house. He's great at speeches.

I'd have to say that the creepiest thing would be when Ezlo and Link slept together in bed. *Shudders* Nightmares. The second would be Zant and his concept. The scariest thing would be Phantom Ganon from OoT, and maybe throw in some ReDeads in Arbiter's Grounds all freezing you and whacking you with metal ironing boards.

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Ya know, the Earth temple in WW would have been creepy, it's just that the game is too cartoony...oh, and I'd have to call the cave of ordeals creepy. Why? You're deep underground in a cave full of things that want to kill you. Point made. Oh, and bongo-bongo is creepy. It looks like somebody cut his hands off, and yet they still have function...

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Ok thees are the creepiest things I remember
  1. redeads really what needs to be said about the OoT ones. scarecrows that freeze you when they scream
  2. The Ghost Ship. i don't know what it was about it but this thing creeped me out
  3. Floor Masters. This comes from the fact that my copy of Oot glitched and I ended up unable to escape the grip and spawned in the room right next to him.
  4. just about anything skull kid does. The Mask keeping him cool while he dicusses how to best kill you. That bothers me.

actually the shadow temple didn't bother me that much it was just anouther dungeon.

How do you make those bubbly thingys? lol, Whatever.

  1. Redeads. `Nuff said.
  2. Ghost Ship
  3. Now that you mention it, Tingle does remind me of Micheal Jackson... -cringes-
  4. The first time seeing Zoras. They just look... weird.
  5. By the way, when I was little, I let my dad do the playingm because for some resason I thought that if the character I was playing died, that I'd die. So, Anyways, next is those moving statues... -criges again-
  6. And Ganons Castle in OoT

Fun topic mine would be(no particular order just the order i think of them) 1 Redeads enough said 2 Shadow Temple just play you'll find out y 3 Wallmaster scared the hell out of me when one grabbed me in OOT 4 Stalfos(they've killed me so many times in the forest temple my first time through OOT but now i'm an expert at killing them) 5 Facing four Darknuts the second time u go through the cave of ordeals at the last level."shudders" That's about it.:Snore6

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I first played MM when I was 6 and i was so creeped out I didn't play it for 5 years.

Ive never posted on the forums before(As i'm a unregesterd user), so this will no doubt be horribly bad but here's my creeps.

  • I was so sacred of ReDeads when I was a kid playing OoT that I had THREE nightmares about it.This must sound sad but i was so freaked out by them, that i had dreams of playing a messed up version of OoT where i would pause my game but the ReDeads would still be coming towards me.No!!!!!
  • My other experience is one was chasing me a some kind of bridge and he wasn't going slow like in the games, this was a ReDead with a mission. and I think I can get away when he lunges at me screaming "Come" and everything goes black. I still get shivers.

P.S. go ahead and laugh at me for being so freaked out if you want.

{[Word Bubble|text= Redeads, redeads, redeads. Nayru, these things still give me the creeps in OoT. The scream *shudders* I hate going into adult castle town so much I just warp in and out the Temple of Time now. Bottom of The Well. Daimn. I'm sure there were some scenes like it in the shadow temple, but what sticks in my mind most was a room in the well with one of those x-shaped racks, covered in blood... As funny as it sounds, I fell asleep while playing in the fire temple once and woke up in the middle of the night with the music on and was scared stupid before I realized what it was. Daimn freaky musics. Lanayru's Vision in TP. I ALWAYS KNEW ILIA WAS EVIL.}}