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I arrived here rather recently so I do not know the reason. While most of the common/minor enemies pages group the race and all the variants such as Bokoblin, Lynel, since the rule is normally to create a dedicated page only for mini-bosses and bosses, why do ChuChu or Keese pages not group all the variants? Each variant has its page, such as Red ChuChu, Yellow ChuChu, etc., I wonder why these exceptions have been decided, and depending on the answers, whether we should merge them with their respective main articles.
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In the case of enemies like Bokoblins and Lynels that really only have newer variants (that only differ in terms of color and strength, for the most part), there's no point in making new pages for each one. However, (from what I can tell) when it comes to enemies that have elemental variants like ChuChus and Keese, we split the pages because there are other things that differ between them.
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They need to have enough differences from other enemies of the same type. If we created articles for every little difference it would result in many redundant articles. Although, there is an argument that the way we determine what enemies get a page is too subjective.

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