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I have built and added the materials and food BotW tables to the corresponding pages plus to the cooking one. Since we have pages for each items, I wonder whether it would be better to remove the description columns or to keep them. What do you think?

I am also going to improve a bit these tables and make them simpler and clearer. If you have some proposals or points in order to improve these tables, please do not hesitate to write them to me here. Thank you.

Bonus off-topic question: can you tell me how to avoid my image addition visible in the Wiki Activity each time I use my signature? Thank you!

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Yeah, I think that the descriptions are unnecessary since we have pages for each individual item.

I'm not exactly sure why your image is being "added" to the page each time, but my guess is it's because you use a .gif instead of a .png or a .jpg.

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