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Flown the Coop is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a quest given to Link at Kakariko Village. The objective is to wrangled up all of Cado's Cuccos. This side quest is one that must be completed in order to find the Lakna Rokee Shrine, along with "By Firefly's Light" and "Find the Fairy Fountain". This quest is in a similar vein of helping Anju find her Cuccos.

Cado's Cuccos locations

Cado's Cuccos can be located in the following places:

  • Three of them are already located within the pen.
  • One is on the ledge on the way to the shrine above.
  • One is on the roof of the armor store.
  • One is in the garden just behind the armor store.
  • One is by the fire out in front of Impa's house.
  • One is by the bridge near the entrance to town.
  • One is on top of the house next to that bridge.
  • One is in a small structure just downhill from the house closest to the entrance to town.

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