The Floret Sandbar is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the West Necluda region of Hyrule.


The geography of the sandbar is a little round islet in the middle of a fork in Hylia River where it branches off into Nabi Lake, with Horwell Bridge at the southwestern part and Eagus Bridge at the southeastern part. On this islet, there are flowers there that have been planted by their caretaker, Magda, the only inhabitant of the sandbar. In the center of the flower garden, Link will notice the Hila Rao Shrine smack in the center of the sandbar. Magda requires Link to avoid stepping on her flowers though their is a safe maze like path Link can walk through though ChuChus appear forcing Link to kill them with weaponry that does not harm the flowers (thus cutting weapons and fire-based weapons should be avoided). A Big Hearty Radish grows in a deadend path and a Farmer's Pitchfork is behind the shrine surrounded by flowers though Link can remove it with the Magnesis Rune to avoid stepping on Magda's flowers. Near Magda there is a Raft Link can use to leave the sandbar.

Shrine quest

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However to be able to get the center of the sandbar, Link must complete a Shrine quest called "Watch Out for the Flowers", given by Magda if he should step on the flowers for the first time. If Link steps on the three times, even after the Shrine quest had been completed, he will suffer three Heart Containers worth of damage from a pummeling via Magda which completely bypasses his defense from food, Tough Elixirs, or Armor. It is in that shrine that Link will meet the Sheikah Monk Hila Rao after completing the trial inside known as "Drifting".

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