"Extinguish its flaming clothes first..."

The Flare Dancers are the mini-bosses of the Fire Temple, the second dungeon in the adult portion of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Flare Dancers take on the appearance of large, flaming scarecrows, but are actually living, bomb-like creatures surrounded by flames in the shape of a body, much like how Morpha uses water tentacles. Each time a Flare Dancer is hurt, the color of its fiery body changes.


As their name implies, Flare Dancers often dance while attacking, either by spinning in place on one foot, or gracefully gliding across the room, scattering flames around. Bereft of their flaming shields, Flare Dancers possess no offensive capabilities at all, save for a last-ditch effort in which they self-detonate.


The Flare Dancers' fiery "clothes" make them immune to direct sword attacks and also add to their offensive capabilities. With the Hookshot, however, Link can pull out the actual creature from its burning disguise. A well-placed Bomb can also intercept the creature while it is on the move. The Megaton Hammer can also be used to smash the ground near a Flare Dancer, causing the the flames to dissipate, leaving the creature vulnerable. Without its shield, the creature will attempt to run away from its attacker, and despite its stubby legs, it is astoundingly quick. By blindsiding the weakened Flare Dancer, Link can slash it with his sword. After a few hits, it will rekindle itself by leaping into a bonfire set in the middle of the room, at which time its clothes will change to blue. After another round, it will change to green in the same manner. Every color change has increased power. Yellow is the weakest, as the flames it produces are stationary and will only harm Link if he walks into them. Blue flames slowly chase Link, dealing more damage. Green flames chase Link fairly quickly and deal moderate damage. After three rounds, the Flare Dancer self-detonates in hope of taking Link with it.

Navi's Note

Navi Artwork Extinguish its flaming clothes first...


Flare Dancer (Ocarina of Time)

Flare Dancer (Ocarina of Time)