"Fire-resistant armor crafted by Gorgons for Hylians curious enough to visit Goron City. It's made from fire-resistant rocks to protect the wearer."
— In-game description

Flamebreaker Armor is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a body armor coming from a set including the Flamebreaker Helm and the Flamebreaker Boots. Each piece comes with the buff Flame Guard, which prevents Link from taking damage while in areas with high temperatures, such as the volcanic province of Eldin. The entire set is available in Goron City at Ripped and Shredded armor shop. However, even with the entire set at its' peak (★★★★), they cannot protect Link from damage caused by falling in molten lava. At ★★ or higher, if they are worn as a set, the Flamebreaker Armor and its' other two components provide Link with the "Fireproof" set bonus.

Link can also obtain the armor by completing a Side Quest for Kima, located in the Southern Mine. He proposes to Link the quest "Fireproof Lizard Roundup". Once Link catches ten Fireproof Lizards, he will reward with the Flamebreaker Armor. Though Link can also purchase the armor from the Ripped and Shredded Armor shop in Goron City for 600 Rupees, it is a good idea for Link to receive it through the side quest as the other two pieces of the set are expensive (the Flamebreaker Boots cost 700 Rupees while the Flamebreaker Helm costs 2,000 Rupees).


Level Armor Buy Sell Effect Set Bonus
Basic 3 600 150 Flame Guard
5 N/A 155 Flame Guard
★★ 8 N/A 170 Flame Guard Fireproof
★★★ 12 N/A Flame Guard Fireproof
★★★★ 20 N/A Flame Guard Fireproof


It can be enhanced by the Great Fairies.

Level Armor Effect Materials Set Bonus
Basic 3 Flame Guard
5 Flame Guard
★★ 8 Flame Guard Fireproof
★★★ 12 Flame Guard Fireproof
★★★★ 20 Flame Guard
  • Flamebreaker Armor (x1)
  • Smotherwing Butterfly (x5)
  • Hinox Guts (x2)

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