"Have you see it, small fry? ...The Ghost Ship? 'Cause it's real. It's even been seen here, in these very waters... On nights when the crescent moon faces down... That's when horror rises..."

The Five-Star Isles is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are a group of five rocks located in section G7 of the Great Sea. Around them, Kargarocs are waiting to swoop down on any unsuspecting prey. Treasures in this area include a submarine, one lookout platform, three rings of light, and a Piece of Heart. Interestingly, the pillars of the Five-Star Isles are arranged like the constellation Cassiopeia.

The Ghost Ship appears at the Five-Star Isles during a waxing crescent moon.

Points of interest


Inside the submarine in this section lies a Piece of Heart. To obtain it, Link must defeat the enemies inside the submarine. The treasure chest will appear on a raised platform. Once Link has climbed the ladder, the Piece of Heart will be found inside the chest.

Lookout Platform

The single lookout platform in this section holds no enemies, but to get the Rupee chest on top, Link must destroy all the cannons on it with the Boomerang or his boat-mounted cannon. Afterward, Link can climb the ladder and open the chest to receive the minor reward.

Rings of Light

During the night only, three rings of light appear around the island. Link can use the Grappling Hook to pull up a red Rupee, worth a total of 20 Rupees, from each one.

Piece of Heart

Using Treasure Chart #33 (received from Minenco on Windfall Island after showing her a picture of herself taken by the Deluxe Picto Box) pull up a treasure chest in this section containing a Piece of Heart.