"Long ago, there was this huge fairy that lived to the south of here, in the forest on Outset Island. But now, all that's left is the ruins of the fairy fountain where she lived... It's sort of sad... But to tell you the truth...I hear there still IS a fairy there. Yup! She's still alive and kicking down there, fry!"

Five-Eye Reef is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a walled piece of territory containing five symmetrical pieces of reef, hence its name. Like all reefs in The Wind Waker, when seen from above, it resembles a face on a six-sided die. Also, like all reefs in The Wind Waker, there are several Warships, and Cannon Turrets scanning the area for intruders and a few Treasure Chests buried beneath the sea. If Link destroys the Cannon Turrets, he is rewarded with the Great Fairy Chart, revealing the location of every Great Fairy.

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