Fishing Hole

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Fishing Hole
Hena's Fishing Hole (Twilight Princess)
Link fishing with Hena
First appearance Twilight Princess (2006)
Country Hyrule
Region Upper Zora's River
Terrain Lake
Climate Varies
Inhabitants Hena
"It's a fight against nature with lure fishing! What kind of fish can you catch?"

The Fishing Hole is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This small lake, located in the Lanayru Province, in the Upper Zora's River, is owned by Hena. For a price, Link can fish in the lake where many fish, including Greengills, Hyrule Bass, Hylian Pike, Ordon Catfish, and the extremely rare Hylian Loach (which can only be caught during Summer) can be found. Larger fish tend to congregate under the waterfalls, under the arch, or in the Lily Pads. Link can either go fishing alone for 20 Rupees or hire Hena to help him for 100 Rupees. The seasons will usually be different every time Link enters the fishing hole. To change the season inside the Fishing Hole, Link can repeatedly enter and exit the area until it has changed to the season of his liking.

In the cabin nearby, also owned by Hena, is a tank that displays all of Link's catches. There's also a section with various items that Link can examine, where he can also play the mini-game Rollgoal, which Link receives a Frog Lure for beating. If Link rolls into the walls an exceeding amount of times, Hena will yell at him and throw him out, and he can only enter again if he apologizes for his actions. Also, a Beehive can be found hanging from the back porch of the cabin. If Link knocks it down, he can obtain Bee Larva, which are used as bait when fishing.


In addition to the fish, Link can also catch a bag of Rupees, a wheel, a can, a twig, a boot, a Piece of Heart, and a Bottle in the Fishing Hole.

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