"Please ride the boat to the fisherman's island to inquire about playing."

The Fisherman's Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located just off the shore of Great Bay Coast, the Fisherman's Island, despite its name, is in fact six small islands. Fisherman's Island is composed of a central island with four other islands each containing torches, evenly spaced around it, as well as a larger island adjacent to them.

After Link defeats Gyorg in the Great Bay Temple, a boat appears near some rocks on Great Bay Coast. If Link jumps on the boat, it will take him to the Fisherman's Island. Here, Link will find the Fisherman, who he can pay 20 Rupees to partake in the Fisherman's Jumping Game. The game starts with Link on the center island, and he is meant to jump to the island with the lit torch. If he lands successfully, another torch will light, and Link must make it to the designated island before time runs out. This process continues until the end of the game. If Link runs out of time or falls in the water prior to landing at a torch, then he fails. If he beats the Jumping Game, however, he is awarded with a Piece of Heart.