"You accepted Father's Letter! It is a letter from a father addressed to his son."
— In-game description

The Father's Letter is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The letter is given to Link by Medli after he speaks with the Rito Chieftain inside Dragon Roost Mountain.

When Link first arrives on Dragon Roost Island, he finds that the Rito are in the midst of a crisis; Their guardian deity, Valoo, is acting with hostility and nobody can approach him. Because of this, the Rito Chieftain does not have time to aid his son, Prince Komali, overcome his recent stint of depression. Instead, he gives Medli the Father's Letter and asks her to give it to Link so he can deliver it to his son.

The letter is meant to provide Komali with confidence, but it fails to do so; when Link delivers it, Komali acts with anger and refuses to speak with him. It turns out Komali is depressed over his grandmother's passing and his inability to speak with Valoo. With this knowledge, Link enters Dragon Roost Cavern and slays Gohma within. This calms down Valoo who was being tormented by the creature and in turn cheers up Prince Komali who gives Link Din's Pearl.

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