"Her name is Faron, the Water Dragon. As the great protector of Faron Province, she has power over water."

Faron, also known as the Water Dragon, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. She is one of the Three Dragons who oversee the Surface. Faron is a large, prideful dragon Deity who watches over Lake Floria and the Parellas.


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Faron was tasked by the goddess Farore to safeguard her Flame until the chosen hero arrived to claim it. However, when the time is nigh, Faron is attacked and wounded by Ghirahim when he attempts to find a way to reach Zelda. Though initially not convinced that Link is the chosen hero, she has him embark on a quest to retrieve Sacred Water from the Skyview Temple in order to restore her to her full size. When he does so, she grants him access to the Ancient Cistern, where Farore's Flame resides.

When Link and Gorko find that the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary is blocked by flame, Link goes to Faron to convince her to let him use her basin of water to put out the flames. She allows him to take it, and Fi calls Scrapper to bring the basin back to the Eldin Volcano's summit.

Later on in the game, Link returns to Faron Woods in order to learn a part of the "Song of the Hero" from Faron. However, the Water Dragon is revealed to have flooded the entire forest to prevent enemies from wreaking havoc. When asked for her part of the song, she puts Link to the test yet again; Link must gather groups of Tadtones that serve as the notes to the "Song of the Hero", which are scattered throughout the flooded forest. Upon his successful completion of this task, Faron performs for him her part of the song and drains the water from the forest.

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Faron bears a vague resemblance to the Zora which appear in other games, both being generally humanoid, semi-aquatic, blue skinned species with somewhat fish-like characteristics that live in the only large fresh-water body in Hyrule. The Water Dragon's Scale gives Link an ability similar to, though more powerful than, the Silver Scale and the Golden Scale, suggesting that the two may be related. It is possible that the Zora are either descendants or creations of Faron. It has already been shown that Faron can create life with her Tadtones. It is also possible that the Tadtones themselves were the early forms of Zora, as they resemble the infant Zora seen in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which also have a tadpole like appearance and convey a musical composition.

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"Faron" is likely to be named after the goddess Farore.