"Welcome to the fooortune-telling house, Fanadi's Palace... The fates swiiiiiirl about you, and only I can tell what they have in stooore... The dooor to the future will ooopen... for 10 Rupees."

Fanadi's Palace is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a building located in the southern part of the western alley of Hyrule Castle Town. Acting as a fortune telling parlor, the owner, Fanadi, will give customers their fortune for 10 Rupees.

When Link visits Fanadi's Palace, he can choose for her to either tell him about his "career" (the next objective) or the future of his "love" (Pieces of Heart) life. Interestingly, when Fanadi consults her crystal ball about Link's career, she says the following backwards; "What am I talking about?". Similarly, when she predicts Link's love life, she says "Wait...loading takes awhile."

Despite its name, Fanadi's palace consists of one room. It is unknown how much more rests behind the curtain behind Fanadi, but it is likely that this name is present just to make the parlor sound more extravagant than it really is, similar to Agitha's Castle.