"Please listen, young one! You may not believe this, but I am the Queen Fairy, guardian of this sea! The curse of an evil one named Veran has made me appear so! The magic of Fairy Powder can turn me back to normal."
Fairy Queen

Fairy Powder is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. This mystical, orange-tinted powder has the power to break powerful curses.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Link travels to the Zora Village in search of the seventh Essence of Time. Upon arrival, he finds that King Zora is ill and dying. He gives him a Magic Potion, which cures him of his ailment. In return, Link asks if he can go inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. The King tells Link that he will allow him to enter their guardian god's insides only if he manages to find a way to dispose of all the polluted water in the area. He gives him the key to the Eyeglass Isle Library and sends him on his way.

Link investigates the situation, and finds a cave east of the Eyeglass Isle Library. Inside he finds an Octorok, who claims to be the Fairy Queen. She has been transformed into an Octorok by Veran. The Fairy Queen tells Link that she has the power to remove the pollution, however, she must first be turned back into her original shape. For that, Link has to aquire Fairy Powder. He asks around the library and is told that a bottle of Fairy Powder is stored in the back of the library. He travels to the present age and finds the Book of Seals inside the library. He travels back to the past and places the book on a pedestal in the backroom of the library. This book gives him directions, which leads to the next book. He eventually makes his way across with the help of the books, and the old man there presents him with Fairy Powder.

After obtaining the powder, he returns to the cave of the Fairy Queen and sprinkles the powder on her, returning her to her original shape. She uses her power to cleanse the sea, and gives Link her thanks.

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