Façade is the mini-boss of Snake's Remains, the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. The mini-boss itself has no body and is simply a face that fades in and out of view. It later reappears as a mini-boss in Onox's Castle.



Façade has four different attacks. Its most common attack is to shoot fireballs into the air, which fall to the ground randomly. Façade will also cause tiles to rise from the floor and shoot at Link. When it disappears, Façade causes holes to appear where Link is standing, forcing him to run around to avoid the line of holes. Finally, Façade causes Beetles to fall from the ceiling, which damage Link if he touches one.


When Façade disappears, Link has to run around and kill the Beetles that appear while simultaneously avoiding the holes that open in the ground. When Façade reappears, it will shoot fireballs into the air. While avoiding the fireballs, Link has to throw a bomb at Façade or drop a bomb on it. The explosion from the bomb will damage it. Repeat the process five times and Façade will be destroyed.


Façade (Oracle of Seasons)00:40

Façade (Oracle of Seasons)

Façade Onox's Castle (Oracle of Seasons)00:31

Façade Onox's Castle (Oracle of Seasons)

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