"You caught an empty can... Too bad it wasn't an empty bottle... Help the environment and dispose of it with 'A'."
— in-game description

Empty Can is an item caught by Link while fishing in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

It is basically a rusted out empty food can that someone carelessly threw away. Like most flotsam, Link snags with his Fishing Rod, Empty Cans are useless items. After catching them, Link can properly dispose of them and help the local environment by pressing A.

Interestingly, the sign in the Fishing Hole that warns people not to litter, specifically mentions Empty Cans.


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Possible Anachronism

These cans are also an example of advanced technology contradictory to a medieval theme of Twilight Princess, as tin cans weren't invented in the real world until the early 19th century. However their presence in Hyrule is not surprising given that Hyrule has advanced technology such as Clawshot and the Spinner (both which are considered ancient technology during the events of Twilight Princess) as well as industrial technology such as Magnetic Cranes and Elevators, which make something as simple as a the development of tin cans in Hyrule seem less out of place. It should also be noted that technological developments in Hyrule may develop differently than they did in the real world, thus explaining how the Hyruleans possess different kinds of technology that would be consider anachronisms in the real world (such as tin cans appearing in medieval times).

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