Embrose (ボイラ Boira?, Boila) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is the Lokomo sage of the Fire Realm and plays a timpani.


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When Link plays the "Lokomo Song" with Embrose, some of the Spirit Tracks in the Fire Realm are restored, allowing Link to scale the Mountain of Fire and access the Fire Temple.

Like the other Lokomos, Embrose appears in the musical duet between Link and Princess Zelda during the final battle, in order to expose a weak spot on Malladus' back.

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The name "Embrose" is likely derived from embers and is another reference to the widespread use of trains in New Hyrule. The name refers to the burning coal or ash of a dying fire, specifically one used to power trains. His Japanese name is derived from "boiler".

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