The East Necluda is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is one of the main regions of Hyrule.


The area of East Necluda is isolated from other areas of the map, and resides in a large valley with a mildly warm climate. In the middle of this valley is the Hateno Tower, located on a large mountain overlooking the abandoned Equestrian Riding Course. To the north lies Naydra Snowfield, separated by tall mountains, just south of the Mount Lanayru region. To the west, the only way through to the other areas of the map is protected by Fort Hateno, explaining the reason for a large settlement. To the south, a large expanse of uninhabited wildlands, containing three Hinox, lies between the valley and the Necluda Sea region. To the east, Hateno Village thrives, as it was one of the few places that the Guardians failed to attack. At the far end of the settlement stands the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Bokoblins tend to hide in the grass and behind rocks near trails, preparing to ambush. Most of the enemies in this region are low-level, but they will increase in difficulty over time.


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The region is dominated by the Hateno Tower that reveals the regional map on the Sheikah Slate. Fort Hateno is located near the border leading to West Necluda and was defended by Link an epic battle with the Guardians during the Great Calamity. As a result, Hateno Village survived the Calamity and continues to be peaceful even one hundred years later when Link awakens after being sealed in the Shrine of Resurrection. However monsters have taken over certain portions of the region such as the ruins of the Equestrian Riding Course and often attack travelers along the path to Hateno Village. Ginner Woods and Midla Woods near the village entrance is home to Bokoblins who attack travelers that enter the forest such as the Hearty Truffle hunters Meghyn and Nat. As a result, Thadd armed with a Farmer's Pitchfork stands guard at the village entrance as a precaution. Additionally members of the Yiga Clan disguise themselves as travelers attacking their unsuspecting enemies of the Yiga and Ganon such as Link.

In Hateno Village, there are several shops such as Kochi Dye Shop, General Store, Armor Shop, and an Inn. Seldon acts as an unofficial tour guide while leaving his daughter to run the family Armor Shop Ventest Clothing Boutique. East Wind is the local general store run by Pruce with his daughter Ivee acting as a greeter. It is also where the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab run by Impa's sister Purah is located. The carpenter Bolson runs his construction business here and Link can purchase an empty house scheduled for demolition as part of the Hylian Homeowner side quest, thus Link's House will be located in the region if Link decides to purchase it (which is a good idea as it gives Link a free bed to sleep in and he can add weapon mounts to his house which he can use to store weapons and shields if he wishes to keep them while freeing up space in his inventory). The Horned Statue is located next to Firly Pond that flows under the bridge leading to Link's House and is where Link can exchange Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels. As a result, Hateno Village acts as a hub area for Link. Retsam Forest near the Hateno Village's Lake Sumac suffers from an overpopulation of Deer forcing local farmer Dantz to seek help from anyone he can find who looks handy with a Bow like Link to do a little Deer Hunting to control the overpopulation which acts as a hunting minigame which Link receives Rupees as a reward based on the number of Mountain Bucks killed within the time limit through he is allowed to keep any meat dropped by the bucks he kills.

North of Ginner Woods in Ovli Plain is a Stone Talus which is located on the plain south of Nirvata Lake.

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