For the location, see Trial of the Sword.

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"Hm? What's this? A voice beckoned you here? I see. So the time has come. I shall now tell you all I know about the arduous trial that awaits you. The sword you have reunited with...the Master has yet to realize its true splendor. This trial shall test your courage to ensure you are worthy of this splendor. It is called the Trial of the Sword. It will challenge you as you have never been challenged before. All of your weapons and armor will be sealed away. You must face your enemies without the tools you've come to rely on. Once you have tempered your soul and proven your wisdom and courage by completing the Trial of the Sword...the Master Sword shall truly be yours! ...Hm. Unless my eyes deceive me, you seem quite willing to take on this trial. A hero through and through! Now, Link... Place the Master Sword in its pedestal."
The Great Deku Tree

EX Trial of the Sword is a side quest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is unlocked upon installation of the DLC Pack "The Master Trials". Link must have already visited the Korok Forest and obtained the Master Sword. After loading a data save to continue a playthrough, Link receives a floating message requesting him to go to Korok Forest and listen to the The Great Deku Tree in order to receive a new challenge. The quest is thus triggered as well as a series of new side quests including the "EX Strange Mask Rumors", "EX Teleportation Rumors!", and the four Misko's "EX Treasure: Ancient Mask", "Fairy Clothes", "Twilight Relic" and "Phantasma‎‎".

The quest giver's identity is unknown at this time but named "???" at the mission menu.


The voice mentions a trial and advises Link to speak with the The Great Deku Tree at Korok Forest to take on the challenge. According to The Great Deku Tree, the Master Sword's power has to be awakened. When Link approaches the pedestal, he requests him to place the sword back in its pedestal and to face the Trial of the Sword, which takes place in the Sword Monks' Shrine.

Similar to what occurs at arriving on Eventide Island for the first time in search of the Shrine during "Stranded on Eventide", Link will not be permitted to use any of his weapons, armor, items, or gear that he has collected from outside of the trial and must rely on what he collects inside of the trial for survival. Link is also barred from using the Travel Medallion within the trial and resuming progress from that floor, should Link leave for whatever reason. When Link has gone through all forty five floors, at the end he will come across the "Sword Monks", in fact Sheikah Monks who will return the Master Sword back to its original splendor.

In order to clear a floor, Link must defeat the enemies of that floor with whatever he has on him at the time so he can teleport to the next floor. If Link departs from the trial before he clears all forty-five floors, he must restart the trial all the way from the first floor.

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