Dueling Peaks Stable is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is horse Stable and an inn for travelers to rest in located in the West Necluda region on the eastern side of the Dueling Peaks. Interestingly, there are several sets of twins at this Stable. It is managed by Tasseren, while his twin brother Rensa gives directions. The Rensa's twin sons Darton and Shibo work as stable hands taking care of the animals and gathering apples. Given its location along the path leading to Kakariko Village it is one of the first Stables Link may come across provided he doesn't stumble upon another while exploring. The twin treasure hunters Domidak and Prissen can be found staying her. Another guest named Hino stays here while studying the Blood Moon phenomenon. Sagessa stays here as well though she often spends her time gazing at the nearby Ha Dahamar Shrine which acts as the Stable's warp point once its Travel Gate has been activated. The farmer Agus often travels from Hateno Village to the Dueling Peaks Stable in order to sells cooking ingredients he cultivates and to buy meat for the villagers back home.



Like with most stables, Beedle the merchant can be found here. He tends to walk around or sit near the stable during the day and can be found inside the Stable building at night. He sell Arrows, potion ingredients, and the monster part Octo Balloon. Link can also trade Rhino Beetles to Beedle once a day (in-game time) for random food dishes or elixirs.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 20 6
Arrows (x5) 2 30
Restless Cricket 5 10
Hot-Footed Frog 3 10
Octo Balloon 3 20

Traveling Merchants

These traveling merchants can occasionally be found resting at the stable, though unlike Beedle they only appear here briefly before continuing on their journey.


A farmer who travels from Hateno Village with his Donkey to sell his wares at the stable. He sells food and cooking ingredients.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Bird Egg 2 12
Fresh Milk 2 12
Goat Butter 2 12


A traveling butcher who sells raw meats and salt. His wares will change when it rains.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Raw Meat 3 32
Raw Prime Meat 1 60
Raw Bird Drumstick 3 32
Raw Bird Thigh 1 60
Rock Salt 3 12

Rainy Day Special

Whenever it rains, Mezer will sell his best stuff.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Raw Meat 3 32
Raw Prime Meat 3 60
Raw Gourmet Meat 1 140
Raw Bird Thigh 3 60
Rock Salt 3 12




Other Items


Blood Moon Watcher

Main article: Blood Moon

Hino has been studying the Blood Moon phenomenon during which the moon turns blood red and at midnight causes Calamity Ganon's power to reach its peak, reviving the lingering spirits of slain monsters and Yiga Clan, while reconstructing any defeated Guardians (save for Guardian Scouts in Shrines as they are not corrupted by Ganon).

As long as its not raining, Hino will tell Link what the moon will be that night, allowing him to figure out if a Blood Moon will occur that night.


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One hundred years ago during the Great Calamity, the Dueling Peaks Stable was almost destroyed presumably during the battle with the Guardian at nearby Fort Hateno which is located on the border between West Necluda and East Necluda. However the Hylian Champion and Royal Knight Captain Link valiantly defended the Fort and Princess Zelda before succumbing to his injuries, forcing Zelda to use her newly awakened sealing powers to defeat the remaining Guardians. As a result, the Stable and Fort apparently survived the Great Calamity. The Hylian Champion was remembered as a Hero in the Necluda region as he is believed to have died valiantly defending the fort, as his survival is not well-known.

During "Seek Out Impa", Link comes across this stable during his journey to meet the Sheikah Elder Impa in Kakariko Village.

Related side quest

The twin treasure hunters Domidak and Prissen are staying here while trying to figure out a riddle left behind by the Great Bandit Misko an infamous bandit known to have stolen treasure from Hyrule Castle in the past. The riddle supposedly leads to one of Misko's hidden treasure stashes, though Domidak and Prissen can't figure it out. If Link pays Domidak 100 Rupees, he will tell Link the riddle, believing their is no way Link can solve it. Link can use the clues to find a breakable wall near the smaller river source near the Hickaly Woods which Link can break using Bomb Arrows or by climbing up and destroying it with a Remote Bomb, to reveal Misko's hidden cave full of stolen loot. Domidak and Prissen will not believe Link if he tries to tell them he solved it and continue to remain at the Stable, still trying to solve Misko's riddle.

While talking to Rensa, Link learns that he took second in the Hyrule-Horse Training Competition and challenges Link to find and tame a wild Horse in under two minutes and if Link manages to complete it in under two minutes, Rensa will reward him with a Purple Rupee.

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