"After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Drona flies off to a distant part of the world to sow seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island one square west and one square north of the Forest Haven."

Drona is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is one of the Koroks that resides in the Forest Haven.

Before the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Drona is flying behind the Great Deku Tree. If Link has a Deluxe Picto Box then a figurine can be made before the Koroks leave. After the annual ceremony, Drona can be found on the Private Oasis, sowing trees and spreading the Great Deku Tree's forest.

Drona is one of the Koroks that Link helps by bringing Forest Water to restore his dying Deku Tree seedling.


It is possible that Drona is named after the madrone tree.

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