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"My wife...the mother of my children... she was killed by the Yiga Clan. That is why Koko now acts as Cottla's mother. If only... If only I had been able to stop them..."
— Dorian

Dorian is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Sheikah who can be found at Kakariko Village in the region of West Necluda. Dorian is one of the two gatekeepers under the employ of Impa.



After Dorian has been caught red-handed with the heirloom of the Sheikah, he reveals why he did so to Link. He used to be a member of the Yiga Clan before he decided to leave them because he met his lover and had two children, Koko and Cottla. The Yiga Clan, in retaliation for betraying them, decided to attack and kill Dorian's wife.

As Impa's Gatekeeper

The Yiga Clan threatened to do the same to his two children, and thus, he was blackmailed into gathering info as a spy for the Yiga. Dorian also alerted the Yiga Clan about Link's presence and fed them info about Kakariko Village in exchange for the safety of his children. However, he decided to abandon his spying position as the pain of losing his wife had encouraged him to do so, feeling that he could protect his children at this point. What forced him to return to spying is that they vowed to kill Impa and Paya if he did not comply. While neither he nor Paya could make Lakna Rokee Shrine rise with the heirloom, Link was able to, being the Goddess's chosen hero.

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