Digdogger (デグドガ Degu Doga?, Digdogger) is the boss of Unicorn's Cave, the fifth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.


Digdogger jumps around the room in an attempt to crush Link. Link uses the Magnetic Gloves on a giant spiked ball found on one of the room's pillars so that it collides with Digdogger. After three hits, it divides into six mini-Digdoggers which can be killed with one hit from the spiked ball, or multiple strikes from other weapons. These mini-Digdoggers soon reform the original Digdogger. However, when Digdogger is split again, there will be the same number of mini-Digdoggers as there were when they reformed. After going through this process enough times so that every mini-Digdogger is dead, Link receives a Heart Container and the Nurturing Warmth.


Digdogger (Oracle of Seasons)02:24

Digdogger (Oracle of Seasons)

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