"It's a Dexihand. Just be careful... Look, it's not my fault if you get too close and it grabs you!"

Dexihands are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Usually found in or near water, the main function of these small ghost-like arms is guarding important/narrow areas and key points. If Link is grabbed by a Dexihand, it will swing him around and toss him elsewhere. This is sometimes required to get to certain places. If Link wants to avoid getting caught by a Dexihand, Zora Link's fin boomerangs and electric shield are helpful for defeating them.

Despite its obviously atrophied hand and arm muscles, a Dexihand has enough force to send even Goron Link flying, perhaps through magic. They will not, however, cause any damage, unless Link ends up being tossed into a more dangerous area.

Tatl's Note

Tatl Artwork Just be careful... Look, it's not my fault if you get too close and it grabs you!


Dexihand appears to be a portmanteau of the Greek word dexi (Δεξί), meaning right; and hand, referring to Dexihands being disembodied appendages. When combined, these two words indicate that Dexihand means "right hand." The prefix dexi could also refer to dextrous, which describes how sufficiently a hand can be used. This would coincide with the Dexihand's ability to manipulate and throw even the heaviest of foes.

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