Dento is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Zora Blacksmith who he can be found at Marot Mart in Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring region of the Lanayru province of Hyrule.


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"The queen and I were blessed with a daughter as lovely as a jewel. We named out princess... Mipha. To celebrate her birth, the smithy Dento presented Mipha with a gift: a mighty spear called the Lightscale Trident. Mipha grew into a bright girl and soon reached the age of receiving lessons from the royal family's order of knights. The whole of the royal guard adored her, especially Sergeant Seggin, who loved her as if she were his own kin. Under Seggin's instruction, Mipha honed her skills, and her radiance grew along with her skill with the Lightscale Trident. As a Champion, Mipha made her people proud. However, once the Great Calamity struck, she was never to return. All of Zora's Domain fell into misery. The merest thought of the princess was enough to overcome anyone with tears. As a way of offering her soul repose, they tried to send the Lightscale Trident drifting down the Zora River. But when they did, the trident began to glow, and Mipha's voice rang loud and clear for all Zora to hear: "The Lightscale Trident and I are one... Abandon your grief and know joy once again. Do not cry...just remember." And so, keeping to her request, on the day of the Great Calamity...the day that Mipha passed from this world... the Zora venerate the Lightscale Trident and remember their brave princess. Such is the origin of the Champion Festival."
The Lightscale Trident

Years before the Great Calamity, Dento was a young Zora Blacksmith who to celebrate the birth of King Dorephan's first born child Princess Mipha, crafted a mighty spear called Lightscale Trident as a gift for Mipha. Mipha grew into bright girl whom received lessons in combat from the Zora Royal Family's order of knights and through the tutelage of the legendary Zora Knight, Demon Sargent Seggin became skilled at wielding the Lightscale Trident forged by Dento. Mipha was beloved by Dento, Seggin, and the other Zora. Eventually Mipha was chosen to pilot the Divine Beast Vah Ruta a machine created by the Sheikah and entrusted to the Zora to combat Calamity Ganon. Vah Ruta was also named in honor of the Sage Princess Ruto who according to legend fought alongside the Hero of Time in the distant past. Mipha quickly formed a strong bond with Vah Ruta, piloting it effortlessly. Mipha joined the Champions lead by Princess Zelda. However Mipha was ultimately killed by Waterblight Ganon during the Great Calamity along with the other champion pilots. The Dento and his fellow Zora where extremely saddened by her death and in their grief decided to send the Lightscale Trident which had been left behind by Mipha down Zora River, however as the did this the Trident glowed and Mipha's spirit spoke to them. Mipha told them that the Lightscale Trident and her where one and told them to abandon their grief and know joy again and to simply remember her. In accordance to her last wishes, the Zora create the Champion Festival where they would venerate the Lightscale Trident and remember their brave princess. At some point, Dento created the Ceremonial Trident a weaker replica of the Lightscale Trident to be used for ceremonial purposes while the original Lightscale Trident was kept by Mipha's father King Dorephan along with the Zora Armor Mipha had created for the Hylian Champion Link, whom she loved deeply. Unfortunately, Dento and the other adult Zora blamed Mipha's death on Link and the Hylians. One hundred years after Mipha's death, the now elderly Dento runs the smithy at Marot Mart in Zora's Domain. Like the other elderly Zora, he is a member of the Zora Council of Elders which act as administrators of Zora's Domain. The Ceremonial Trident he made was entrusted to Trello who was put in charge of overseeing the Champion Festival. Like most of the other elders, Dento holds Link in contempt though he acts civilly towards Link, albeit in a cold and to the point manner. After Link aids Mipha's younger brother Prince Sidon in calming Vah Ruta and avenges Mipha by slaying Waterblight Ganon, Link is hailed as a hero once more by all Zora and awarded the Lightscale Trident by King Dorephan which can be reforged its creator Dento. Dento will also reforge the Ceremonial Trident if Link manages to recover it from the waters under Zora's Domain where it was dropped by Trello. As a result, his smithy is the only shop that can reforge non-Champion weapons as the Ceremonial Trident is just a replica of the Lightscale Trident.

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